10 Reasons Why Finishing Personal Projects Simply Rocks

Daily Drawing #110220.
Daily Drawing #110220:
„What are you waiting for?“

– drawn with Harmony

Last week I wrote a post about Ten Reasons Why I Struggle Finishing My Personal Projects. In fact, I struggle very often. But I also want to share what motivates me to keep on working on my personal art or animation project, even though I’m struggling.

And event though I often struggle, I am able to finish personal projects once or twice in a while. That’s why I share 10 Reasons why finishing personal projects simply rocks with you today:

1. Satisfaction

It is satisfying to finish any kind of project. Finishing the work, spreading the word and cleaning up the space after all is soo satisfying that it is almost impossible to describe. – You have to feel it. (Well, then go and finish something!)

2. It’s a relief

Last year I published an e-book titled A Brief Guide to Make a Semi-Professional Stop-Motion Animation Puppet that took me about a year from the very first idea to the moment I hit the publish button. Especially if it’s an older project on which I’ve been working, the relief will weigh as much as the satisfaction.

3. Pride

Yes, I am allowed to feel proud of myself, not in a peacocky manner but with a healthy attitude towards the thing I had accomplished. These three are a nice bundle of great feelings with that one’s rewarded after finishing a personal project. (And yes: the bigger the project, the bigger are the rewards for its completion.)

4. It’s therapy

Finishing a project means that I solved several problems. The more problems I solve, the less I fear problems at all. With every finished project my confidence grows, and I get more and more comfortable in a new or even bigger situation. Things start to change, and all the fears become smaller.

5. It’s both, education and training

When I finished a project, I have always learned something new. It’s all about synapses, baby! They build new connections, and at some point knowledge becomes experience. – That’s simply awesome!

6. It’s progress

The more projects I finish, the more visible becomes my progress, even to myself. I’m big fan of progress, and I don’t like stagnation so much. When I finish a personal project, I not only see it as a single step but as the whole distance I’ve walked.

7. There will be room for something new

After some recovery time (some people call it a black hole) I have the chance to work on something completely different. New ideas emerge. I like my work and I have so many ideas that I sometimes don’t know how to bring them all to life. But if I take one step (or project) after another, I’m way more focussed and the results of my work are much better.

8. For a small amount of time I am in the present

Often I think about what happened yesterday, and what I’ll have to do tomorrow. But the moment a project comes to an end, I am definitely in the present . I feel grounded and everything is perfect in that very moment. Time then simply doesn’t matter. Which is nice: no past, no regrets; no future, no fears. – It’s a shame that this moment always lasts so short…

9. The possibility to share the results

This one is optional. But personally, I like sharing. Sharing as in getting in touch with people and learn something new. Any constructive feedback is great, and since I don’t like stagnation I need feedback to develop. And communication! I love to communicate with other people, so sharing is a must and fun for me!

10. It’s highly addictive

If I really had a good run, I’ll get the whole package (from #1. to 9.). This is better than any drug I’ve ever heard of. It makes me feel whole. I truly believe that we’re creative folks who love to do creative work. I’m not talking about jobs. – Jobs bring the money in, but work is something different. A lot of people hate their job, but do love to work on something they really enjoy to work on, no matter what it is.

Daily Drawing #110221.
Daily Drawing #110221 – drawn with Harmony

It doesn’t matter how big or small the personal projects are. It’s important to do them, and to finish them once in a while. Not every project must be finished. If you struggle with your personal projects, it sometimes helps to remind yourself of how great it is to finish a project. Sometimes the rewards are more motivating than anything else.

What are your experiences?

26. February 2011 by Jessica
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  1. Amen, Sister! This is a really well written piece. Maybe these posts of yours on process/causes/results could make another book?!

    Love the drawings too!

  2. Great advice!

  3. Thank you both, Shelley and Jon.

    I’m absolutely thinking of putting all the *starving-but-emerging-artist* things together somehow, but doesn’t have a clear vision so far. But I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

  4. my experience so far was – at first: a kind of emptiness, but in a good way. Like something dragging you around on a leash and finally an opportunity to let it run free. And watching it having it’s good time. Unleashed. It’s out. Done.

    Good stuff.

    The other emotions come around later, and build up, every time I remember what happened.