15.000 Frames To Go

Today I tested varying light and camera setups for my Orpheus film project. I learned that I still need some spots, and that I have to buy a few more different light bulbs to achieve certain moods. I think I have to do some more test shots before I eventually begin animating, but that’s fine.

Here are some images I created today, with the puppets set in scene:

Orpheus at the Cemetery.

Orpheus at the Cemetery.

Charon standing in his Cave.

Charon standing in his Cave.

I also stripped down my old-school animation stand to use it as a camera support. I’m going to use its movable parts because I can track, pan or tilt the camera with its help easily. (Don’t worry, it’s easily to be re-assembled!)

Despite working on all the technical issues, I finished the very last props:

The very last props.

300 dope sheets.

300 blank dope sheets.

Oh, I also went to the local copy shop today to get 300 copies of my dope sheet.

You can download the dope sheet pdf if you like (approx. 500KB). I tried several dope sheets created by other animators over the years, and whenever something worked well, I added it to my own version. Feel free to use and spread it!

Yesterday I did a rough calculation on how long the film is supposed to be by using a stopwatch. I assumed it’s going to run for about ten minutes, or 15.000 frames. Seeing the figures, I got a bit discouraged, even though that changed quickly, thanks to my dear friend Simon.

We had a small chat on twitter, and he said:

The journey of 15000 frames begins with a single click...

Wise words indeed!

I loved that so much that I created this little illustration, and pinned it to my studio wall. – Awesome! (Feel free to download the image as well!)

Still, I’m very excited of what’s going to happen next. I think I’ll start with the silhouette animation since it’s less complicated. And then I’ll work my way through the whole animation. Ha!

Have a good week!

– Jessica

27. June 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (6)

  1. This is so exciting, Jessica! Everything is looking and sounding great! Woo hoo!!!

    Lookie those dope sheets all stacked and ready to be filled! Love your plan to start with the silo scenes!


  2. 100%, 100%, 100%.
    What an extremely successful and busy half of a year this was for you! Congratulations!

    I think, for an animation artist, animation must feel greater than anything else – so: Have fun for 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%!

  3. Shelley, thank you so much for being my cheerleading girl! This is so supporting!

    Nils, actually it’s been three month only! :) From when I started Studio Monday back in March, the production gathered lots of momentum…

    Funny thing is, I’m *always* afraid that I’ll fail the animation. I don’t know. I know that I’m able to animate properly, but before I start it’s like, “Oh my, what if it isn’t going to work? What if it’s going to look like crap?” – That’s obviously part of *my** job as well…

  4. So you reached the border of an area – and face another horizon. Shivering with excitement and what not… There is a long journey ahead, but just imaging what wonders and excitements, sights and sounds and marvels you might come across… and the thing about the ‘one click to start it all’: remembers me of Beppo Straßenkehrer in MOMO…

    Really all the best for your journey. There will be another brigh star twinkling and shining on this project. You’re not alone in this; there is a whole community on your side.

    Animate long and prosper !

    A fan of you work.

  5. Michael, you’re right: these are exciting days!

    And thank you for your support as well! It’s great to have you all around, and it’s great to have fans! :)

  6. March is more than half a year ago. I should know. I was there.