2008 Review

Well, the year is close to its end and it was such an exciting and sometimes exhausting one. My blog is close to its first birthday. It has also been the last year of my studies and a lot of things are going to change after my oncoming final exams. It’s weird because I learned so much about animation, its techniques and styles and so many other things relating to my favourite subject and I’m still feeling so hungry for it. After spending some time here in Vienna and trying to do painted, drawn and digital animation I still found puppet animation to me is the best of all. I just love puppets. Animation is (still!) something magical to me, it’s just wonderful when the things start to move. But with puppets it’s so much more touching. I don’t know if this relates to our childhood feelings when we only needed fantasy to move them… But puppets have been used in most cultures as toys or as a kind of substitute for realitiy: it starts somewhere in childhodd and ends with voodoo or theatre… Perhaps substitute is too judging, because it suggests a kind of escape from reality. I think it’s more a reality next to reality, or things that are real, but can’t be seen otherwise. I think the story of little Coraline is truly a story of what we puppet animators are and what we do. So it’s really good to see people making a puppet animation movie on this tale showing the realitiy next to reality. I really hope that there will be a release in Germany, too, because I’d really love to the final piece.
I always feel attracted to the stop motion, it touches me in a way I can’t really describe.

box full of lamps and a doll's house electricity See this box? My Dad gave it to me. He is actually cleaning up my parent’s basement and rediscovered it while doing so. It’s a mixture of my old doll’s house lighting equipment and his old stuff when he was trained as an electrician. It was very sweet when he said, “I guess you might use these things for your animation stuff, don’t you?” – and now I have this wonderful box full of tiny lamps and cables and stuff to set a kind of lightning accents. It was one of my best christmas gifts… And I got some strong magnets from old speakers, too. I really need my own studio where I could try all these things.

But first I’ll go back to Vienna for another six weeks. It’s still a weird feeling not having a real home at the moment… But it’s also really good because it keeps my mind open… That’s quite important to an artist, isn’t it?

You all, have a wonderful start in 2009 and keep your dreams alive. To quote Disney once more, “If you can dream it, you could do it!” Thanks to all who have supported, accompanied and encouraged me to go my way. Without you all, I wouldn’t be here.

28. December 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Brava! Well said, Jessica! You describe the magic of stop motion puppetry perfectly. I agree with you.

    And I agree that all that you’ve done this year will only enhance you as a person and artist.

    Tolstoy said, in part, “Art is a human activity which has as its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen.”

    I believe one must connect to one’s deepest self in order to express one’s best possible art.

  2. Yeah, I totally agree to you and good old Tolstoi… I really don’t want to do anything else…

  3. MAGIC!!

    Thats the word….Hey god luck to you in this new year ahead! and Keep makeing art.


  4. Hey Babe! Your email notifications on comments actually work now. Have a real good time in Vienna, I’ll wait for you up here!