55 days


Dear peeps,

Currently I fight a lot with the animation for my oncoming animated short, Ins Dunkel. I work on this film for almost five years now, and I definitely want to finish it before summer.

This stubborn little piece of animation often drives me crazy.

When I think about the moment it’s going to be screened for the first time, I’m happy and satisfied. But when it comes to actually start to animate again, Resistance (yes, with capital R!) tries to keep me busy with other things, Twitter for example, or news sites…

The really important things, you know?

Some people say we try to avoid the things we wanted most because we are afraid of the changes that may come once our task is completed.

I don’t know what it is that keeps me running away from this project all the time: I’m so happy watching the already completed takes… Even though I suppose the next 55 days are going to be like hell…

Anyway, to show you some progress, I uploaded two tiny takes as an appetizer for you:

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Orpheus begs Charon to help him to rescue Eurydice again (Take 27).

Happy Easter holidays!
– Jessica ♥

07. April 2012 by Jessica
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  1. Looks amazing, Jessica, gogogo!

    I don’t believe in self-sabotage as a concept anymore. When I look at what at first glance appears to be a sub-conscious resistance to something I believe I want to do, I can always find that, no, it was just an aspect of knowing knowing enough.

    Of my not having enough information, awareness, or experience with the task in question.

    When I analyze the problem in depth I usually isolate the specific point where I made the error. Typically, for me it’s in the area of mis-calculating time. I can swear something has taken me 10 minutes when the clock begs to differ, wildly.

    So now I am learning how long things really do take so I can work better with planning/choosing what I do moment to moment based on my true priority.

    Sometimes engaging online is the right choice. Not the one that progresses the project, but the one that enriches/educates most.

    All to say, Don’t Judge! xoxox

  2. Shelley, dear, thnk your for your wise words!

    Time is indeed an issue and judgement is as well. – What if it’s not Resistance but Judgement that makes the core problem?

    What if I haven’t set a release date and could just work on the film in my pace? What if I had no problem with earning money vs. working on things that are beautiful but don’t pay the rent?

    Judgement seems to be an important point that I want to investigate further. – Breakthrough?

    Anyway, this is well-spent internet time! ;)

  3. So THIS clip makes it go click here! Seeing the actual 2D characters moving through a three-dimensional space with heads twisting for real is something else! Very good!!!
    I am quite curious but then – don’t tell me! – about the possible sound(track) in this scene. But nevertheless: looks really unique and wonderful! Bravo!

    on resistance – ah, this is common ground for me: “The Vogons’ battle-cry, and counter-argument to dissent, is “resistance is useless!” [source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vogon](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vogon).

    And then a great one about inspiration, creativity and whatnot: [http://wondermark.com/313/](http://wondermark.com/313/)

    Good to see you so active and well doing. All the best!

  4. Or, as the Borg say: “Resistance is futile!” – In this case this is especially true since we can’t escape our creativity. It’ll get us eventually! :)