After watching the Orpheus in the Underworld film I remembered a small book I bought in an out-of-print book store about ten years ago. It’s a text book from the Offenbach operetta. I read it again and yes: the movie’s storytelling is bad and far away from the storytelling of Hector Crémieux.
The man I didn’t recognize was a woman in the original play: she is is personalized public opinion. This kind of public view has been part of lots of Greek dramas. A choire had shown the society’s opinion of one character’s behaviour. Now I figured out why this strange man advises Orpheus to take care of his reputation. This needed some time… ;)

My Orpheus film will be forced into a small pause, I guess.

The Bristol School of Animation took me into their Three Month Animation course which is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. It’s more than a huge chance to me and I’m going to take it. Three Month completely concentrated on animation, I’m still overwhelmed by that.
Now, I have to quit my room (done), book a flight (done) and pack all my stuff into boxes (not) and find a room in Bristol (not). The “Stuff in boxes” thing is very interesting because I now have to decide what really is important to me. The film itself is but I can’t pack all my animation stuff just in one or two bags.

There will be a silhouette part (the underworld) in the film. Perhaps I’m going to start with that when I’m in England. It don’t need much space and it don’t need any probs. This will be the only part I could work on with less of my tools and materials. But that will be fine, too, I guess. Things have to be done. But I don’t know if there’s really some time, space or energy for that. We’ll see.

I’m really looking forward to the time in Bristol. I’ll try to post regulary about the course. The earlier panic had vanished now, and I can enjoy the last weeks in Germany and look forward it calmly. Thanks to all the people who shared their knowledge with me. I can’t say it as often as I’d like to!

11. May 2008 by Jessica
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