Animating Orpheus (3)

This is going to be only a small report on how I’m progressing on my Orpheus film project.

Last week I animated 1289 frames in total which means, I have approx. 1 minute 30 seconds of footage. I also reached the turning point of the Underworld scene, and I hope to finish this part as soon as possible.

Here are some stills from the scenes I shot:
Orpheus, playing the Lyre.
Orpheus, Hades and Eurydice.
Hades and Eurydice.

More to come soon!
Since I don’t want to reveal too much before the film is finished, I’d like to show you something else to jolly you along:

Cut-Out Animation with Terry Gilliam

If you need a quick introduction to cut-out animation, I highly recommend the following video:


Monty Python animator Terry Gilliam discusses his animation techniques on Bob Godfrey’s Do-It-Yourself Animation Show in 1974. I admire Gilliam’s films, and I love his animations. I made a lot of cut-out animations with my kids in previous animation classes, but I learned here something new, too.

Next weekend I’m going to teach an animation workshop to adults, and I think I’m going to use these technique again since it’s so simply and having this stunning results at the same time.

09. August 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (3)

  1. Your scenes are looking amazing, Jessica. A fine work indeed.

    Loved the Gilliam tutorial and wish he’d made many many more. So insightful into his process. Satisfying.

  2. Thank you, Shelley! Your compliments are like fuel to my engine… ;) I just want to create something special…

    Terry Gilliam is awesome, isn’t he? And as always, it’s all about sharing…

  3. The idea of the background seeming to be created by a setting/rising [in this case rather setting] sun and the characters reduced to their outlines like against it… and then the depht of the image… and the colours.
    The idea of reducing to outlines and ‘ideas’ in an more metaphoric world beyond the reality we are aquisited to…

    …some words tumbling throuhg my mind while watching these images… notes to myself and – oops – talking to myself loudly again…

    Thanks for the Terry Gilliam video – I really love the ‘smack – drop – push – pull – ah!-whatever-works-as-long-as-the-idea-gets-transmitted – approach of Gilliam. Fantastic.