Animators are lazy folks

That’s what they say.

Because we animators love working with repeatable movements. Animation usually is such a huge amount of work, that we’re always glad if we can take a short cut or two.

Two weeks ago I taught an animation workshop at the museum MARTa Herford, and one of the kids had finished his claymation project early. He asked me if I’d had another idea what he could do, and I said, “Do you want to give drawn animation a try?”, and he was like, “okay, sure!”

So I gave him pegbars, a punch and a basic introduction and left him while some of the other kids needed my help.

Ten minutes later he came with 12 drawings of a moving flame, a cut-out chimney, and asked: “We can cycle an animation, can’t we?” I nodded, “Yes, of course!” And he said, “Well, can you then make it a minute long or so?”

Now that’s what I’d call thinking and acting efficiently. But I did.

So, lay back, relax and enjoy

The Fireplace

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I suppose animation is all about cheating… If we animators would love reality, we probably had another job. What do you think?

Have a good start into the week!

PS Do you know these fireplace DVD you can buy (like these)? Did you know that it’s been one of the first uncommented artistic intervention on German TV in 1969? Gerry Schum produced a video of Jan Dibbets called TV As a Fireplace, that showed a filmed, well, fireplace. Just sayin’.

02. September 2012 by Jessica
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  1. nice animation!

    The idea about the fireplace – and then getting sold and broadcasted… this kind of videos really touch something deep down here, and do this not in a positive way. I guess as an art installation it hits me, and I agree with it. I don’t really want to know how many people have their TV sets up and running so at least somebody talks to them. Sigh.

    But thanks for the information! This gives the whole thing a different and deeper meaning.