Another Two Puppets Finished: Cerberus and Hermes

A week can be very short.

Last sunday I announced to finish the silhouette concept of Hermes, his scale drawing and his armature. These public deadlines work great for me and I finished it all. So big thanks to Shelley Noble on whose blog we evolved the idea of adding some external pressure to our productions .

Hermes Puppet's Scale Drawing.

Finished Hermes Puppet.
This week’s achievements: the finished Hermes silhouette puppet. It wasn’t much more work to finish it completely.

Since I also work in schools and museums, I had just a minimum of time to work on the film the last days. I don’t know how I managed to be in schedule, but I did it.

Actually, I even finished some more things I didn’t announce: I assembled the Cerberus silhouette puppet, too, and I did some more research for the house’s interieur, its furnitures and details.

Finished Cerberus Puppet.

Heck, I’m too tired to tell you all the details, but the process is always the same with the silhouette puppet making:

  • brainstorm

  • find references

  • make concept drawings

  • vectorize concept drawing

  • assemble (paper) prototype

  • correct vector drawings if necessary

  • make scale drawings

  • build aluminium wire armature with bones made of milliput

  • cut out single pieces from black cardboard

  • glue cardboard to armature

  • spraypaint black from behind

The illustration above was absolutely a happy accident: when I spraypainted the puppet’s back, I laid it on a sheet of paper to avoid stains on the floor. I really love the result, and that’s why it made its way directly to another mood board…

Underworld's Trinity.

Underworld's Trinity (Detail).
Those are my finished puppets so far. I’m still surprised but pleased how well they look together…

For next week, I’m going to work on Charon’s silhouette character. I have to design his silhouette concept, a scale drawing and his armature… It’s pretty much a routine workflow now…

07. February 2010 by Jessica
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Comments (10)

  1. Wow. That’s just stunning!

  2. The last picture with Kerberos slightly moving out of the depht of field is giving a very nice impression of what I see is capable with two.dimensional figures in a three dimensional world. Very good looking !

  3. Pretty nice effect in the spraypaint picture. I think, this would be a great idea for a disturbing pixilation kind of animation sequence in hell.

  4. Hi guys, thanks!

    Michael, you’ve named it. That’s exactly the look I was after and I’m quite happy that it seems to work.

    Nils, I’ve got so many ideas… I really hope that’ll come together to a great project in the end…

  5. Oh.


    You are AMAZING!!!


    You are in some kind of genius flow!


    I’ve got chills looking at what you’ve achieved this week! And that overspray piece is unbelievably fantastic! Holy cow!

    My ass is fully kicked yet again.

    I have again not completed my task! And am again inspired by your successes to PUSH ON and get it done tonight!

  6. Jessica, these are looking AMAZING!!! I love the picture at the bottom where all three are together. Great work!

  7. Hey girls,

    two times the word amazing in caps is a great start for my day today… Thank you!

    Shelley, my genius flow made that I was tired as hell yesterday and that I thought I would never be able again to recover from that last week. But I did, so horay! And freshly back to work…

    I must admit, I’m very ambitious to hit the deadlines which is good, at least for my production speed.

  8. LADY… are Rockin it!!!!!!!!!!


  9. awesome can i use it as a image for my proj

    • Gab, hi! Of course you can if you follow three rules:
      1. Make sure you and others share the work alike
      2. You don’t use my works commercially and
      3. You attribute my works to my name and ideally link to my website where you found it.

      If you like, you can send me pictures of your project where you used the images.
      All the best!