Charon I (Silhoutte Character)

This week I entirely assembled the Charon puppet as I’d announced to do last Sunday. More precisely, I finished two puppets of this character since he’s not able to turn his head completely otherwise. He’s going to move in two different directions and so I simply mirrored his design which seems to be the easiest solution.

Charon, Silhouette Puppet.

What’s next then?

There are only two other silhouette puppets to make, Orpheus and Eurydice. Eurydice is a silhouette-only character, like Hermes, Hades and Cerberus. I already had a charater design of her, which I had drawn almost two years ago. I wasn’t pleased with my first ideas of her design anymore, so I want (and need) to redesign Eurydice. This is going to be one of my next week’s tasks.

Else, I still have issues with the concept of the Orpheus puppet. He definitively is the main character and has the widest range of possible movements, so that I have to construct his puppet accurately.

After finishing the silhouette puppets, it’s time to design the characters who walk the earth in the world of the living people, namely Orpheus and Charon. Up to now I don’t really have a clue how to build them. I’ve got some general ideas but I guess this needs some more time to breed in the lab…

Furthermore I finished the research on materials and visual references for the house setting and Charon’s boat which is great. I’m going to publish the concept drawings as soon as they’re done.

To Do Lists on 14 February, 2010.
My To Do lists on 14 February, 2010. The first one is my modell making list, the four others are for the different settings.

You can see the current state of my To Do lists above. There are still a lot of things to do, but I also see and feel the progress… For a long time I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish the film, but today I’m quite optimistic… Next week I’m going to have more spare time to work on the project, and I hope to complete some more tasks.

Things I absolutely want to get done by the end of oncoming week:

  • concept and silhouette concept drawing Eurydice
  • scale drawing of her
  • concept drawings of the house’s interior like furnitures and stuff
  • buy new modell making materials and
  • work on the living puppets’ concept.

Sorry for this dry report…

14. February 2010 by Jessica
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Comments (5)

  1. Thrilling! These puppets look absolutely superb, Jessica! WOw!

    Congratulations on your strong showing this week again, which, once again has bruised my bottom.

    My project week was a wash out, utterly. Other things went first in the schedule and resulted in zero progress there.

    BUT! I am determined for Monday and Tuesday to be ALL about progress and hope to show some action after that.

    Let’s go get ’em!

  2. Neat speed! Not to say impressive! Well done.

  3. Jessica, another gorgeous design here! Mirroring his design for the opposite direction is a great idea!

  4. Your support means a lot to me, folks, and it’s good to have your here!

    Shelley, go on! I’m waiting… ;)

  5. Man….would you look at that list!!

    you are kicking butt!!!

    congrats on more awesome progress.