Charon: The Puppet is Done!

Due to a screen printing workshop that I attended on Monday, I didn’t get much done on my beloved Studio Monday. So I caught up yesterday and today with making (and finishing!) the Charon puppet for my Orpheus film project:

Charon, final puppet.

From time to time I do these studio marathons. Today I worked for more than nine hours on the puppet. And since I’m too tired now to write a full report, I’ll just share today’s log and some pictures with you:

Today’s Log


The mold has been prepared yesterday for casting the foam model, and I just poured the foam into the mold, and now I’m nervous and excited. – As always when I’m at this point of model making.


The foam has cured and the model came of the mold nearly perfectly. Hooray!

Charon, the rough model.


After I cut off all excess material, I started latex mâché-ing the puppet.

Latex mâché on the Charon puppet.

I dyed some more sheets of paper.

Dyed Paper.


While paper is drying, I have a coffee break.


At the time I’m drinking coffee, I had some more ideas for the film title but still, no breakthrough.


I prepared Charon’s hair and the lower end of his tailcoat.


I’m still working on the latex mâché. Finished trousers. Lunch!


Interrupting of latex mâché-ing for another cup of coffee.


Just finished his jacket, made him smokey eyes and started painting his eyeballs (I hate painting eyeballs!).


All the single elements are done and ready to assemble. Finally I added a layer of liquid latex to the whole puppet.


Done. As in “puppet making equals 100%”! I Clean up the whole workspace. Cannot believe it.

Charon, Portrait.


I cleaned all studio tables from mold-making traces. Realized that I’m done with model making intellectually, but not emotionally.


Making Charon’s helm.




Taking pictures of the puppet in the boat.

Charon, final.


Writing blog post.


Hit the publish! button and fall into my bed.

Finishing the puppet means, that I’m done with preproduction (except from a few minor things). It means that I am ready to animate. This is awesome and weird after all this time. My brain need to digest this fact first.

Still, this is a rather short report. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

All the best and good night!

– Jessica

23. June 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (5)

  1. Wow, that was fast! Charon and his boat both look excellent!!

    Personally I try to avoid shininess as much as possible, except on things like bottles etc, as it makes things hard to photograph and light (for me anyway). But your puppets look good shiny! Charon looks like he might be related to Aliens!

    I’m also just about through preproduction, with a few minor things left before I can start animation. Thought thinking about it, it might be more than a few, and some might be not quite as minor as I hope… and I want to dust off Skulkin for one last etude just to sharpen up my rusty animation skills before I start. I was aiming at a June 29th finish (for Harryhausen’s birthday(, but I don’t think I’ll quite make that. Soon though, soon…

    We might be finishing up about the same time!!

  2. Jessica, he is stunning! You should feel very proud and accomplished today!

    Congratulations and GOGOGO!

  3. Mike, Shelley, thank you! It’s great to have you guys here!

    Mike, if Charon looks a bit like an alien, that’s great!
    He lives between the land of the living and the Underworld and is supposed to be part human, but part otherworldly, too. Also he’s a bit depressed since he has the same job for ages (literally!), and much time to think (about it). That’s why his brain became so large! ;)

    High five for finishing preprodcution! I’m going to prepare my basement studio today and glue down the last bits that shouldn’t move while I’m shooting the animation.

    Due to paid work I have to do over the next few weeks, I think I’ll need longer for the animation. I aim for mid or end of august to finish animation. Let’s see! I’m quite curious about your film project as well!

  4. BOAH !

    sorry – might sound very stupid, but this time all I can come up with is… BOAH [aus-den-Latschen-kipp…]

  5. Hey mich!
    Even though it sounds a bit …basic, I’ll take it as a compliment! :D Glad you like him!