Come, Kitty Kitty!

Remember that little bird? I finished another animal puppet today, a cat:

The cat puppet is about 6 cm high and fully moveable.

Like the bird, the cat’s “just” a minor character. Together, both of them are supposed to carry a distinctive atmosphere in one of the scenes, and that’s why they’re not really unimportant.

– And they’re a kind of warm-up or dry run for the last two major characters I have to build, too. (Well, there are a few dead souls more to make, but those puppets are going to be pretty basic cut-out models without armatures…)

Since I want the world-of-the living-characters look completely different from the underworld silhouette puppets, I try to apply a similar style to them such as I did to the cemetery set.

Basically, you’ll find an armature made of twisted wire and a lot of hot glue inside the puppet, wrapped in thin cardboard covered with sandwich paper and some colour finish on top. I’ve got the weird feeling that I start repeating myself… Is this still interesting for you?

13. July 2010 by Jessica
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Comments (4)

  1. Completely and utterly fascinated by every nuance of your project, YES! “Interesting” is too much of an understatement!

    I adore these puppets! So marvelously styled!

    More more more!

  2. Shelley, thank you, thank you! You always write so lovely things about my work that I almost believe what you say… ;)

  3. it even has that “sneaky” touch cats have – I do love the way cats move and especially react to people… the very personal way depending on mood and stuff. Anyhow.

    Another great character. And due to the fact that there are mainly shilhouette figures (characters) and the birdy bird and the cat are in three dimensional, I am quite curious about the scene.

    Really really nicely done !

  4. Michael, thank you! Ask me how curious I am how the scene is going to be… ;)