Come one, come all!

2012 has been quite a busy and successful year, but was tremendously exhausting at the same time. I started 2013 with a massive cold, and today was the first day that I’d been able to work in the studio again.

I kicked off slowly with a warm-up drawing of a girl from a fashion magazine. I didn’t have anything in mind, the only thing I wanted to do was to exagerate her features a bit. I totally trust my creative process here: I just do something and the ideas will come.

Since I rarely like my blank sketches, I usually start to add several layers of colour, and often a mixed-media type of image emerges from what I do. I thought it might be interesting for you if I walk you through my process, to give you an idea of how I do these things. The following workflow applies to almost everything I do. I can translate it into animation, drawing, writing… everything. I start with an idea, and then I add things, and take some things away, repeat that several times and after a while I’ll like what I’ve done and then I’ll keep it.

This is the final piece from today:

The Circus Circus (final piece).

As I mentioned before, I started with a pencil drawing. Next, I inked the sketch with a drawing pen and erased the original drawing since it’s been quite a mess. Mostly I’m doing those clean-ups on my light table, but today I simply used an eraser. I seriously admire people who have a rough drawing style, but I’d usually like to have clean, graphical lines for my drawings.

To create some depth within the drawing I add some bold shadows with markers. At this point the drawing looks already fine to me, but I simply love colours.


I add layer after layer. Normally, I’ll start with some bold primary colours, and than adding shapes, backgrounds and patterns and some accidents, although they’re not really accidents. My head and hands are well-trained in creative works and love to do the things they usually do, so I often use random structures to find new ways of creating an image and to keep my mind open. So I let run some ink or use uncontrollable tools and the like. I just love that.

When I see that I’m nearly there, I start the final clean-up. I emphasise important parts and outlines, or hide those I don’t like so much, and tadaa! The piece suddenly is finished.

For this image I used drawing inks, pencil, markers, watercolours and acrylics on paper. It’s 20 x 30 cm. Here’s an image gallery with eight stages of the image’s developement (click to enlarge):

It took me about 4 hours to make it.

I want you to show how I create most of my images. I also editied the final piece digitally, and added some text. Done!

And since this blog is mainly about animation, I made an animated gif of the process for you as well:

I had a great time today, sleep tight everyone!

09. January 2013 by Jessica
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  1. Impressive. Really a great work!

  2. Neat to hear about and get to see your process, Jessica. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. Be well.