Constant dripping wears away the stone


Literally. And practically.
I have this day called Studio Monday that is a kind of weekly open studio day. You’re more than welcome to join me on my creative adventures: either your bring your own projects to work on or you could support me by giving me a hand on mine. If you just want to peek into my studio, that would be fine as well. – It’s all about sharing!

It’s part of the concept of Studio Monday, that I’ll have plenty of time to work on my Orpheus film project, if nobody comes around. Today I finished the Cave set that is the entry to the Underworld where young Orpheus is searching for his beloved but dead Eurydice to eventually bring her back to life.

The last missing part had been the water of the River Styx. And today I built the waves, and did a small test animation of this rather classical water solution:

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There’s no proper lighting or planning involved, it’s a comparatively quick’n’dirty set up. I just wanted to catch a glimpse of how it could look, and found out that it probably looks nicer if I’d use different paces for the waves’ movement.

The waves are made from cardboard again, and painted with acrylics. To make them stand upright I use plasticine. Since I’m going to move the water during the scene, I needed a supportive but flexible material. The plasticine works nicely.

I then made use of the shadow puppets of the project to do some camera angle test shots, and created a small animatic of the scene. I roughly timed the single shots, and learned that this part of the film is going to take about a minute, perhaps a tiny bit longer.

The remaining set is the deepest part of the Underworld, ruled by Hades. This set consist of a landing for the ferryman’s boat, the place where Cherberus keeps watch, and the throne room where Orpheus is meeting the King of the Dead. This set will be completely made of silhouettes, and I hope to finish it within the next two weeks.

The set building progress bar rose to 91%, and I’m getting more excited (and even more nervous) every week. This project has been unfinished for so long, it feels strange to believe that it’s possible to simply finish it. And right now there’s only one set to build, and two puppets to make before I’ll finally start animating. This is unbelievable…

The Waves.

28. March 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (6)

  1. Yay for Jessica!

    Great progress!

    I love your Studio Mondays!

  2. Shelley, I want a version of you in pocket size to always take her with me! ;)

    It’s great to have someone supportive like you around! Thank you again!

  3. I like the classic wave action, fits nicely with the style you’ve chosen. The colors, too, are really fantastic. Hooray for Studio Mondays!

  4. Jon, thank you!
    Currently I’m thinking about smoothing the waves a bit so that their top isn’t that pointy.
    A friend of mine suggested that they now look more like wild waters, with the Styx being more a quiet and slow river… But I haven’t decided on it yet.

  5. Hi Jessica

    I love the look of your film, and I’m so glad you’re making progress with it.

    I think the waves look lovely – but should be a bit slower! For what it’s worth.

  6. Simon, how lovely to have you here! And thank you for your comment! I agree that the dance of the waves should be a bit slower! – Decision made!