Frame #5 from book animation.

Two days ago I did a small test animation on book pages because I was curious about the final look. It’s something like an animated illustration of a depressed guy who feels safest when he hides inside a book (or so):


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If you’re reading this via rss feed, download the video here: book animation and watch it with the free vlc player.

Things I used for this animation:

  • an old book from the flea market
  • utility knife and ruler to rip of the pages from the book
  • puncher and peg bars
  • pencil, pen, colours and markers
  • a light table
  • a scanner
  • image and video editing software


How I made it:

First, I drew 12 images of the guy who simply nods. I wanted a very simple animation that I could loop easily once it’s finished. Book lovers should stop reading here: I then cut out 12 pages from the an old book and traced the initial drawings onto the page. I next drew the outlines with a pen, and coloured the drawings with different materials.

After I scanned all the images, I did a tiny colour correction in Photoshop and edited them in Final Cut. That pretty much was it.

The best thing about this little piece was the smell of old books that always comforts me…

I don’t think the animation works pretty good since the element in the foreground is rather small compared to the noisy background. But I also think it could work if I’d change some of the parameters: I think there should be a bigger contrast between the foreground and the background. So I either draw the person in the foreground bigger and also bolder or I crop the image to achieve another relation from front to background (more front, less bookpage).

Contrast is a very important issue in animation, I think. We always create artificial worlds for our audiences and if we wish them to see a certain thing in a film, we must make sure that they’re able to do so, that there is enough contrast between the background and the action.

Anyway. It was great fun to make this little piece and I’m hungry for more. Let’s see what I’ll do next…

And you? Any plans?

Have an awesome weekend!

– Jessica ♥

20. July 2012 by Jessica
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  1. very interesting idea, and very well made! This might even work out as an animated gif. I like this book guy… reminds me of something