First Movements with Orpheus

Referring to the comment of Jo and Nils I’d write a short paragraph about my chosen language. A blog can’t really be German or English, because it has no passport. And the URL just gives us the idea where the author could be located. It is narrow-minded if you really believe that a German website must talk to you in German. I think the English language is one of the lowest common denominators around the world. So many people understand it more or less. It is a very helpful tool. Why not use it? I’d like to talk to people to all over the world and to do it in English is the easiest way.

But this isn’t the most important thing today…
It’s this:

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I finished the puppet once more and now he is standing. He’s working pretty well. Most of the time he does what I want him to do. I’m really glad about him… He’s the sum of a half year’s experiences and trials. And I did so many things the wrong way, but now he’s working. I’m still a bit stunned. The clip’s music is made by Felipe Vila who composes the soundtrack for my film.

25. January 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Nice to see another stopmotion blog. I’m planning to do one for my next project as well.

    I bookmarked this, and will visit every once in a while. Good luck and all the best,

    Leevi Lehtinen
    (a dude from

  2. hey pumpkin! nice work, keep it going!