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Jessica Koppe: fragile – Paperworks

Dear friends,

even though it was rather quite on the blog, I had been busy for several months in a row now. Next to the usual I took part in a three exhibitions, more or less at the same time. I was more into drawing and building paper objects than into animation this time, but don’t worry: there will be new animated projects soon.

One of those exhibitions was an awesome boost for my self-confidence, and another one was my first solo show since last December:

fragile | Paperworks

I’d like to share some impressions from the show and the night of the opening reception with you today. – So, pictures! It was rather full on the night of the opening reception… I’m always surprised how much I’m enjoying myself in such a situation!

Opening Speech

The Opening Reception

For the exhibition I made a series of A5-sized drawings. I tried to work more intuitively and just let things happen. – I just love them, they contain everything that is important to me and my work: bright colours, words, stories, a bold graphic style…

New Drawings 1

New drawings

More new drawings

I also made a few new paper objects for this exhibition: an organic, abstract structure which can be found in some of the drawings and on the invitation card (see above) as well:

Paper sculpture

And 31 tiny houses, The city of abandoned artworks:
When I planned the exhibition, I knew that I wanted to work with that pillar. I thought it would be nice to have little houses around it like a tiny village grown at a cliffy landscape. They didn’t look so great when empty, and I had some spare artwoks that I didn’t like. I cut them into small pieces and placed them into the houses. Even though they’d been unloved, they did find their way into a gallery. Which is pretty much a win-win situation.

Exhibition View

City of abandoned artworks (detail)

You still have the chance to see the exhibition until November 17, 2012: Opening times are Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Neustädter Str. 10
33602 Bielefeld (Germany)

I hope you all are alright? I send you lots of love!

– Jessica

29. October 2012 by Jessica
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Comments (5)

  1. Love your artwork in this, Jessica. Especially the paper works. How exciting to show.

  2. Wow – that IS a bold grphic style!! I love the drawings (mixed media, whatever they’d be called). One looks very Lovecraftian to me. And I love the dog and the little deer.
    Congratulations!! Now you’re a real artist!

  3. Simply great! I’m just not sure if I can make it at least on the last day…
    I like the combination of large, organic areas and small, detailed, constructed stuff. The “abstract” structure looks pretty real for me (comes with the territory), and is the triangulation in the window a Delaunay triangulation? ;) Can I live in one of the tree houses? And the “flat artwork” vs. “plastic paper housing” on the pillar was really a great idea. Wonder if it’s legal to print “paper architect” on your business cards.

    I really like what you did there.

  4. Congratulations! I really like the mix of fat, bold lines and rather fragile structures and the colours and the whole impact of your paintings.
    And my absolute favorite items are the paper houses. The idea/concept/whatever of using blank paper and working out the shilhouettes and then assembling them to complex three dimensional structures. Wonderful!

    Congratulations to one more exhibition! Good to see you doing so well and seeing your progress/way you do things. Great!

  5. So many compliments make me blush a bit, and smile!

    @Mike: Lovecraftian, wow! *That* is nice to hear! The drawings are definitely mixed-media, most of them have more than five layers of different drawing or painting materials… I’m setting up a new online shop, so you can purchase one of the drawings (if you like) soon.

    @Leo: Paper engineer is a possible as well… And I really need some new business cards… ;)

    It’s great to have you all around, you’re awesome!