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Things are changing constantly. And the more I grow and learn, the more I’d get the feeling that requires some refurbishment to do my current state of development justice. Today, I’m going to start with the website’s logo design. If you’re reading this post via RSS feed you may also want to see the new header live! and in Color on the website.

I really can’t put into words what has changed, since I am still Me. But I guess the pictures tell the story themselves. Here are the three header designs of the last two years:

Logo (January 2008).

I used that very first one when I launched this website in January 2008. Back then, I didn’t see the need for pictures and thought typography would be enough. I also used that specific font type for the credits of my first animated short. I really loved it for a long time, and I still like its simlicity even the font implies playfulness, too.

Logo (July 2008).

The one above was created in July 2008, when I just started my three month animation training in Bristol. Everything in my life was changing and I thought this should be reflected in the appearance of my website. I took representive pictures of everything I did so far in the field of animation and just put them together to some kind of collage.

Holy crap, it’s just crowded. I don’t like the font anymore and today I’m wondering how I could have ever liked it in a header illustration for my website. But nevermind. Everything has it’s own time and space, and for heaven’s sake this one lasted only for three months.

Logo (October 2008).

The next one is basically the same but yet totally different. It’s drawn by hand with black ink in October 2008 when I had already been studying in Vienna for a month. I still wanted to show as much as possible of what I did. But I also wanted a graphic style and handwriting as I used it on my website But the header picture still was filled to capacity and I wanted to redesign it for more than a year now.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen! And today I proudly present the new logo or header for as it appears in March 2010:

Logo (March 2010).

What an improvement! And what a relief as well. It’s absolutely decluttered and clear now, and I also find it much more timeless and versatile than any of the others before.

You see a hand-drawn arc as I use them to plan my next movements when I’m animating. This drawing is all what’s left as a visual animation reference. Else, you’ll find a small tagline and the website’s name in huge letters. If you read it off the reel, it means something like “Jessica Koppe simply does, loves and teaches animation” in English. And there’s now a link to my art portfolio in there. That’s all I need I guess… I’m quite curious about how long this one will last.

What do you think about the new header? Which one of them do you like best and why?

16. March 2010 by Jessica
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Comments (6)

  1. Super fresh and modern. Love it! I’d even love to see your signature at the top larger, it’s so pretty.

  2. What do you mean, my signature or the header itself? ;)
    No, seriously, thanks!

    I like my handwriting as a truely individual and original exression of my personality. On []( I used it extensively.

  3. I like the New one the BEST!!!

    its so simple and clear…appealing.


  4. Congrats ! The new logo is the most reduced one and hits the whole business about animation the best. Really nice ! Though I liked the handdrawn (ink) version also very much, this one is – how to say – very ‘grown up’ and reduced.

    All the best !

  5. Addendum – just realized your handwriting in the logo… a bit small, but very beautiful (sa Shelly already mentioned). macht, liebt, unterrichtet. Schön.

  6. Justin and Michael, thank you both for your nice words! And Michael, you’re right, it may be a bit too small… I have to think about again…