Good Bye and Welcome Back!

It’s been two years since I left uni and a lot of things happened since then. (For example, I finished the animated short on that I’ve been working for five years.) I grew older. I got wiser. At least I think I did.

Sometimes things pile up to giant piles of DOOM!, and then you (or I) have to crawl through all these things and clean up the mess and set everything in order. This is what I’m doing with most aspects of my life right now.

To make a long story short, things had changed, and for more than I year I didn’t like my blog so much anymore. But then my favourite web guy started his own coffee roastery and hadn’t so much time to care about my websites. My second favourite web guy was busy doing a lot of other web jobs that probably got him paid. So I had to learn Html and CSS again and I needed to understand WordPress before I got a new dress for my website. But!

Tadaa! Here it is!

I’m saying “Good Bye, and Thank you for giving my thoughts a structure for the past four years” to the old blog. But it’s time now for something completely different and I much look forward to work with this freshly dressed blog. Hey there, and Welcome Back, Beautiful!

The new website feels much clearer and I feel much relieved. To help you recall the old design, this is what the old blog did look like (less than 30 minutes ago):

Picture of the old blog design

Picture of the old blog design, 2008 – 2012

A few things didn’t go as smooth as I expected when we imported the old content to the new platform, but I hope there are only a few links broken. If you find some, let me now – I’ll get you a small reward then!

My posts will still be about all around animation and art, about my works and about those from colleages and about what’s important for me.

I hope you’ll like the new design as much as I do. I’m glad you’re still here!
– Jess ♥

31. August 2012 by Jessica
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