Hallo, December!

Currently I take a small break from working on my film, Ins Dunkel.

Over the last 10 months, I went from door to door to find galleries or art other spaces who are willing to show my works next to my work on the film and the paid work. This finally seems to pay off: I already showed my artworks in two exhibitions over the last four weeks, and I’m going to have a solo show in December, too.

I like exhibitions because they force me to think about how I want you to perceive my artworks. It’s all about communication, and getting in touch with the audience.

For the latest exhibition I went for a new form of presentation of my drawings, called


Since my drawings often seem to be like separated comic panels, I thought it would be great to combine them to some kind of story. I wrote the headline with electrical tape onto the wall, and added drawings that carry a certain mood. (In this case, it’s isolation and feeling betrayed.)

Storyboard #1.
This Storyboard consists of three drawing under the headline, “I can see your pain.” | 1. “Really? – Yes!”; 2. “I am not you”; 3. “But you said so!”

I call them Storyboards since the principle of arranging and replacing is pretty similar to the development of a storyboard for films.

and even if…

For my solo show at a local shop-window gallery I’m creating an installation in which I combine props made of paper with a projection of an animated loop.

Yesterday I finished the drawing for the invitation card which will be printed this week.

Concept for Kisok24.
This work will be about our relationship to stuff…

This time, I’m going to tell you in time when the exhibition takes place. – I really hope to see you there!


– Jessica

07. December 2011 by Jessica
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  1. Way to accomplish your goals, Jessica! Have you also contacted cafes and coffee houses for display? I love it when art comes to the people even more than when people come to the art!

  2. Congratulations. Artwork like yours needs to be seen!

  3. This are the Christmas presents I like the most – hearing such lovely news.

    The idea is grand – and yes, I guess Alan Moore can tell you more than one can grab at the first time about how images and panels correspond to each other and how a certain set of images arranged in this or that way will create a certain mood.

    I still keep the treasure which is your card and will get a special place when I re-arrange my images on the wall when re-arranging my home.

    All the best, Jessica!