Happy New Year

… to all of you!

2009 had been a busy year with a lot of changes in my life and I’m glad having a few days off. Some good friends came around for New Year’s Eve, and we spent the turn of the year at a precipitous hill next to where we live watching the New Year’s fireworks, sledding and welcoming the new year.

Snowmen with snowdog.
Snowman Karl and his dog Apollo II are now inhibitants of our garden – at learst untils it’s ging to become warmer. Jan-Christoph, Leo and me needed about two hours to build those lovely guys. We decorated them with nuts and birdseed, so even our little friends could enjoy them.

Fun with Sled.
Jan-Christoph tried to do some kind of sled skating and I was feeling five years old again… – Great fun!

It’s been snowing for the last two or three days and Lukas, our friends and I did nothing else but sledding, building snowmen and engaging ourselves in exhausting snowball fights with our neighbour’s kids.

I don’t know why but I always believed the first day of a new year would tell me how the next twelve months are going to be. This year started with fun and joyful activity, with creativity and hearty friendship.

– I really hope yours is going to be alike.

01. January 2010 by Jessica
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  1. Happy New Year!!!

    and keep havin fun.


  2. Happy New Year !

    And all the best for the new decade !!!

    I ‘missed’ the christmas posting – but I really like the idea – very nice and lovely idea….

  3. Hey Justin and Michael,
    it’s great to have you here in 2010!

    Tomorrow we are going to build an igloo… I absolutely love snow!

    Michael, you could still build it… ;)

  4. ja Schnee in Deutschland das is mal wieder richtig schön!

    War ihr auch am Rodel Berg?

    LG Jojo

  5. Yeah!

    that was great fun.
    I really enjoyed it.

    Heard there’ll be more snow and wind this weekend. ;-)

    Looking forward to

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    Thanks to Lukas and Jessica for providing space to such things and activities. It was a lovely weekend.

  6. Hi Jojo, heute waren wir am Rodelberg, das ist ja eine Piste… :D

    Jan-Christoph, looking forward to your next visit!

  7. You make that look like delicious fun, Jessica! Love your way of using bird seed on snowmen! Hurrah!

    Happy happy new year to you too.