The History Of Light

The History of Light from John Earle on Vimeo.

Last week I discovered this animated short about the human usage of light from the very beginning until today.

The team around John Earle created the video for the TED Conference audiences. – I don’t get tired watching it. I like its simplicity in design and concept, and at the same time how opulent it is regarding the visual effects achieved through lighting.

Most of the animation is done in camera, which makes this little piece even more pleasing.

The History Of Light is directed by m ss ng p eces, a company describing themselves as inspired by the limitless potential of the web and dedicated to cross-platform storytelling.

They say:

“The story of light is the incredible story of civilization itself. We have used light for survival, to learn by, to entertain and express ourselves, mold experiences, and illuminate our imaginations.”

Read the complete text on their website.

Make sure, you’ll watch Making The Story Of Light as well!

21. May 2011 by Jessica
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