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The end came quickly. The final screening took place almost two weeks ago and now I’m back in Germany. The time in Bristol seems to be like a dream, it’s totally weird. I learnt so much and I had such a good time, and when I came back, everything was like before. Was it? I still feel jetlaged and I haven’t arrived mentally I think. Less than to weeks left until my flight to Vienna and I still don’t know how to talk about that time propperly. I want to keep it some more.

I’m really glad that I had done the Three Month Course. All the frustrations during the course had been overcome and I had such a great learning curve… I actually miss that feeling most. This had been the three best month in my education ever…

Here is the final reel:

Three Month Animation Course Showreel
(Quicktime, ca. 6MB)

The good thing is that you can’t go back in time, so I have to deal with the oncoming situation, the scholarship in Vienna. I changed some eMails with a former aniamtion student who is now in the photography course. She told me that there are not the best conditions to do animation. But that doesn’t matter so much because I have all my materials with me, my cameras and my iBook.
I really want to have the more artistical view on that subject now. How do artists deal with animation? (I differentiate here between fine artists who use film as a medium (“artists”) and film makers (who are also artists, but with another and sometimes commercial focus). I don’t know which category I belong to, but perhaps I’m going to find that out in Vienna.) Animation is an art, a craft, a tool and also a language you could use. How do artists use it?
There are so many ways…

The Brothers Quay impressed me as much as Jan Svankmajer did referring to the content and the design of their films. Another good example is Jochen Kuhn (German website), an artist and film maker, or more: a multi talent. He paints his films directly under the camera and the moving and changing paint fits perfectly to the mood of his more or less absurd and dream-like stories. I really like those. They’re only avaible in German, I think. 1

20. September 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Congratulations, Jessica! You did such a great job on your showreel. You accomplished so much great animation in Bristol!

    I like that you are are considering the artist animator question. I think that a true artist uses various mediums, including animation. I think commercial artists can also make fine art on occasion. My favorites are those artists that express refined art through any means at hand.

    How to express oneself, and what one has inside to express, are great subjects to consider in my book.

    Onward to conquer Vienna!

  2. Well done Jessica……You sure did create alot of animation n a short time!

    Keep us updated and keep animating!