My blog and I have an identity crisis

My blog and I have an identity crisis. Even though this isn’t entirely true. My blog has, but I’m as much clear about what I want as possible.

I have nothing to say.

I have nothing to say | 2012 | mixed media on paper | approx. 30 x 42 cm or 12 x 16.5 inches | 225 €

My dear blog has mostly been about animation and only about very few things next to that which are usually related to my animated works: destuckification, inspiration and I sharing my animation processes.

But with these three major topics I only covered a tiny part of my life.

Over the last six months a lot has changed.

First, I quit most of the jobs that brought some money in but are amazingly time-consuming as well. I didn’t quit all, but I now work on my artworks most of the time and on my career in arts. I eventually became a full-time artist.

I learned that I’ll probably never a professional animator in the animation industry, like Justin or Nick or Barry, and first I was angry and sad about the fact that my films never looked as smooth and perfect as their films do.

It took me some time to find out what I do want from my life.

But then I learned what my talents are, and my strengths, and now I’m totally fine with what I am: a storyteller in visual arts.


At a party a few weeks ago somebody said to me:

“I wish I had something that I can so passionate about as you are when you’re talking about art.”

I love art and all its aspects. I love to look at artworks, to create them, to talk about art and to listen to people who love art as much as I do. Art makes me feel whole. When I’m working on my things, I feel alive and in the present. I love to inspire people in museums and workshops, and I love to see the look in their eyes when they feel what I feel.

Animation is only one manifestation of art, and it’s one of my favorites.

But while I write these lines, I have a lot of projects going on, and only one of them is 100% dedicated to animation:

  • My animated short, Ins Dunkel
  • Drawings, so many drawings!
  • An architectural sound project (that is animating as well)
  • A temporary off-space gallery project
  • Three exhibitions that are already settled for 2012, and
  • A lot of things that exist as concepts only so far.


Back to the identity crisis:

I have the feeling that something has to change on my blog, since so much had changed in my life and I want to tell you about it.


For a loooong time I had been waiting for someone to give me the permission to be an artist who combines fine art media and animation, or to be an artist in general.

I have many old scarves concerning my creativity and my works, it took me several years to understand that I don’t need anyone’s permission to do whatever I want.

I don’t want to wait until someone knocks at my door, and says, “Hey, you really are an awesome artist”. – I go out myself.

I write to galleries a lot asking for exhibition opportunities, and from time to time somebody says yes. I apply for art grants and juried exhibitions, and often, but not always people say no. I work on my drawings and animations, and then I try everything again.

It’s exhausting, and frustrating and rewarding at the same time. And I tell you what: I don’t want to have it differently.

A Living

All of us need one. Right now I live from hand to mouth, but since I don’t have children to care for that’s okay. I do not need much financial security. But I really want to stay independent from time-consuming-jobs-that-are-not-my-favorites and that’s why I opened an online gallery where you can buy original drawings that I made:

Buy artworks online.
Think Trickfilm by Jessica Koppe at
There will be more works available soon.

If you’d rather like to purchase a bigger or different piece, have a look at my portfolio and just write me an email.


Next to all the animation-related things I’m going to show you all the other things that I’m working on. I’m going to share all my artistic processes here now, and to tell you regularly what’s going on in my studio besides the animation projects. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on those, too.

Even if you say you’re an animator and nothing else, I just want to tell you that art is a huge source of inspiration, and most of its principles apply in animation as well.

– I hope you’ll stay with me. I’m glad you’re here!
Lots of love and support for your work,
– Jessica ♥

31. January 2012 by Jessica
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  1. I think it’s great that artists transform/discover what they most want to do.

    And I offer you this thought about the stop motion. I say that smoothness and the expert movement that some of our friends achieve isn’t really necessary for the art form of stop motion. What they do is a style of stop motion. But that your own stop motion animation would be your own art. Even that would change as you went along through the years. I think you’d be happy with it, as you will be with Ins Dunkle.

    Congratulations on the gallery installations this year. I love to watch as you develop your work.

  2. Yoiks! (oneomatopotica(l) sound for, well… yoiks!)

    Its good to see your light at the horizon, so it helps and guides. And it is even a little bitter but then even more encouraging that we are quite some distance apart.

    To tell a little anecdote: there was someone very close that bad down that the person needed professional help. What gave a heavy boost was the sentence: you should see yourself starting to glow from inside when you’re talking about what you would like to do and what you are planning to do”. I know that this is one of the two main sources that keeps this person alive.

    One of the hugest obstacles for me personally is setting a price for my work. And your work is worth every cent – and a thousand times more not valuable or translatable into money. YES! Selling out under a certain limit and facing overpriced random stuff at the other end of the pole is… I guess a distance to walk along and learn. The hard way sometimes.

    So for another time: you are a huge inspiration for me. Behind every brush stroke, every small movement of your creations, every visible output – and then the whole symphony accompaning you behind the visual stuff. Vibrant colours are not only a question of perfectly calibrated screen – but also of contrast in the source (i.e. image (work)) itself.

    So bless you whoever is responsible for this whole creativity thing in itself – (though you are already blessed…) and all the best for your work.

    An honest fan of you(r work)s

  3. Shelley and Michael,

    both of you are a steady source of encouragement in those times when I want to put it all down… Thank you just for being here, and thank you so much for supporting my work!

    Michael, your lines almost make me cry today because they touch me so much!

  4. yoiks! since I get closer to the body of work of Alan Moore (keeping the greatest distance and not letting it out of view for safety at the moment) I get more and more into the whole power of words thing.
    To cause such a reaction… shedding tears of happiness and shedding tears of being touched badly deep inside lies so close to each other it’s always freaking me out how easily a person can drop from the highest point into new unknown depths and/or leap from the ‘bottomless abyss’ into cloud nine one the way to the stars and beyond.

    Looking forward to the other postings I will read in the coming days, all the best and until soon.

    A true fan