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In my part of the world it’s still Sunday, and this is great because I’d love to share my Top 5 finds of the week (in no particular order) with you on Sundays:


Enjoy the reading! And don’t forget the premiere night of Ins Dunkel next Saturday!

– Jessica ♥

27. May 2012 by Jessica
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  1. in my part of the world, caturdays might pop in unexpectedly any moment, the darkness whispers stuff adressed towards me, hard to understand and at the end just making bad, pointless jokes and yes: time isn’t anyones friend- I managed to arrange myself with it’s existence quite well at the moment. Anyhow:

    # on “Hazel” [How arts changed everything] – this video here [] is made from the stuff that breaks grown man into tears. No, really. Keep some handkerchiefs at hand and watch how far art and creativity can bring you, and fulfill your life, make things more bearable.

    # John Lassater – hell-yeah. Tools and how to use it to express… gaining skills… explore the inner workings… inside yourself, and not a frigging ‘puter!

    [you might want to check where to first two links posted in your entry point to ;)]