Patient you!

It’s so nice that you’re still here even though I haven’t written a world in a while, and I have so many things to tell.

Where was I?

It’s been almost four weeks now, that we celebrated the premiere night of my latest animated short, Ins Dunkel, and somehow I’m still a bit jet-lagged and exhausted. The last weeks of finishing the film has been so intense and everything went crazy. Now it’s done and I slowly find my way back into a daily routine (hadn’t much of that in May).

A lot of things I delayed then wanted my attention and suddenly there was a big pile of To Dos. This was the moment when I realized that I do too many things at the same time. I try to establish a career in arts and animation, I try to pay my bills by doing graphic design and workshops. But now I think that I don’t want to divide my energy anymore. I want to focus on things that I’m truly interested in. And suddenly I got another solo gallery show in October and a lot of other weird (but great!) things happened. I’ll tell you as soon as it’ll be a settled matter.

Ins Dunkel.

How was the premiere night?

Awesome. It’s been as I asked it to be. When I talked to the people involved before we started, I said I’d like to have it like a hermeneutical Montessori experience, and that’s what it has been like!

Everyone had a wonderful evening, and was touched by our program and nobody said, “I don’t like your film”. I got a lot of compliments and some fair and kind criticism. While the film was one the big screen, I died in my seat but most people seemed to love it. Thank you all for being there!


I already sent the film out to several international film festivals and I expect the first notifications if they take me in or not in about four weeks. Wish me luck! I so much want the film to be seen by a lot of people!

The Film. It’s now online. Both, in German (Original version) and in English.

Due to all the international readers of this blog, this is the English version:

I’m pretty nervous to ask for this: Please watch it. And if you like it, tell other people about it. I haven’t worked five years on this film just to hide it in a drawer. And if you really, really like it, head over to my Think Trickfilm online shop and support my work with a purchase! – I appreciate your support so much!

See you soon!


– Jessica ♥

29. June 2012 by Jessica
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  1. Congratulations, Jessica! It’s wonderful and such an achievement as well. I just tried to purchase a copy for my kick-ass (American for something being the best) stop mo collection but it isn’t currently shipping to the US. May I arrange a purchase privately with you?!

  2. Shelley, I just changed the countries where the DVD will be shipped, so you should be able to order it.

    But please keep in mind that the DVD is the German original edition *without* English subtitles and the TV standard is PAL (you guys have NTSC in America.
    If you still like to, you can purchase it now through the shop or you’ll wait another two weeks until I’ll have produced an English NTSC edition of the DVD. – Whatever you prefer, just let me know!