La Antena

Just another quick post for today. Last Sunday I went to the cinema for “La Antena”. First screened in 2007, this Argentine movie was directed by Esteban Sapir and often described as a mixture of Tim Burton and Fritz Lang style. I don’t know how important such a category may be except for selling this film. But I found it visually outstanding and impressing because it’s something comletely different to what our cinematic eyes are normally used to.
The story is about a city who has lost its voices. There is only one person, called The Voice, who still has it, isn’t she? She is a singer and entertains the city with shows on TV. Generally, the TV plays a big role in the citizen’s life and the only TV channel is ruled by Mr TV who has a sinistre plan. A television engineer and his family get involved and try to rescue those they love and thereby the whole city.
The screenplay is amazing and also the combination of oldschool black and white filming and the digital and stop motion effects which are used. There aren’t much spoken words on the film so it has a silent movie atmosphere generally and the music is beautyful and suitable. The storytelling is not the best I’ve ever seen, but the story is told slowly and in a beautiful way. I just recommend this movie to you because it fully satisfies my everlasting visual hunger for intresting pictures.
Have a look at the official website where you can find some pictures. The DVD already is available at German amazon and at where it will be released on 18 August 2008.

06. July 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Hey Jessica, thanks for posting about this DVD! I ordered it from Amazon UK… waiting for it to come in! This should be fun.