Loosening Up, Stretching and Preparing

Inspired by the most perfect animated short that exists in my world so far*, I started to work on paper puppets and cut-out animation again.

Image of Paper Puppet named Guy I have several books about making things from paper (like this, for example) and a shelf full of paper toys, because I’ve always liked working with and making things from paper.

I too have a new idea for a film project, and I want to try a few things before I move on to the whole production design thing. So I made a small paper puppet and did a test shot on my animation stand to see if the style is nice, and if it may or may not work for the new project as well:

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If you’re reading this via rss feed, download the video here: paper guy animation and watch it with the free vlc player.

It’s a really rough set-up due to the quick experiment I did without planning. The puppet is made of thick paper and colored brads or fasteners like these you’d use for scrapbooking. The coloured paper is a former drawing that I didn’t like so much, but that I also didn’t want to waste. The background is also a recycled drawing from another experiment.

My favourite artists in whatever discipline are the people who seems to 100% trust their instincts. I want that, too, for my work, and I’m practising doing so. I now try to speed up things a bit and not to over-think concepts and the like. I think cut-out animation will serve the new project well, and I’m looking forward to some more experiments.

I hope you all are doing great?
– Jessica ♥

* Watch it. Seriously!

02. September 2012 by Jessica
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  1. the animation you did is really interesting. I like the way the way the action is framed, and I like the real background in front of which the action is happening. It has the atmosphere of a stage play – until the heads change and I get completely hooked and drawn (heh!) into it. Looking forward into what this will turn to… :)

    about the rooster and the crocodile and the night and the good lord what the heck and wait: what?! Wonderful! Grand! Amazing! The materials used, and the way they were assembled here, and what-not. What a find! Thank you for sharing.

    And all the best for your animation too! :)