MRI Flip-Book

MRI flip-book.
MRI Flipbook (2011), prototype, 52 images

After several attempts I finally finished my MRI flip-book. I already announced it a few weeks ago but had issues with printing it. I tried different kinds of paper, and eventually found one that shows all the tiny details like scratches or parts of my bones perfectly. (I kept the images after an MRI scan of my left wrist in 2002, and since then I wanted to use them in an artwork.)

I made a small video to show you how it works:

I printed all the pages on matte finish 170g Superior Inkjet Paper (Avery® Zweckform) on my Brother DCP110-C office printer, and I’m surprised how good it looks. And it’s all about the paper it seems. I used normal inkjet paper before, and you couldn’t see what the print was about.

The flip-book itself is 13 x 6.5 x 1.2 cm, and contains 52 MRI images. Since I’m a huge fan of book-binding, I assembled the single pages myself by using an adhesive binding technique. It also is another self-portrait as I do them quite regularly (like this and this or that). I like the idea of giving you some insights into my inner life by displaying it in a semi-scientific manner.

And I also like the idea of using flip-books for promoting a film, and I’m thinking about producing this one as a multiple. So far it’s only the prototype….

(Oh, and there are more flip-books on!)

17. January 2011 by Jessica
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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Wow, that looks really good!!! And… a self-portrait… hmm, not sure how I feel about that. I mean, yes, it certainly is a self-portrait, but slightly disturbing I suppose. Now I feel I know you much more intimately, inside as well as out, and yet there’s absolutely no warmth or humanity in this type of a self-portrait. I think in that sense it serves also as a portrait of medical technology and how dehumanizing it can be.

    A much warmer and more human self-portrait is your blog!

  2. Such a sweet comment from Mikeee! Hi Mikee! (awww)

    Great work Miss Jessica. I wonder if they make such nice inkjet paper here in the US. YOu are better than me. I wouldn’t even try to perfect bind a book by hand!

    Did you see the rainbow flip on my side bar last month. It was a black flip book with a spectrum bar printed on every page that made a real rainbow in the air as it was flipped! So cool an idea, making something in the air from a printed image! Ack!

  3. Shelley, Mike – it’s great to have such thoughtful people here!

    Mike, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the flip-book, I especially appreciate from a person like you. And thank you for your kind words as well!

    Shelley, thank you too! I like “Miss Jessica”… Sounds kinda old-school. (And it reminds me of my school days when the kids start the lesson with a “Good morning, Miss Koppe” of thirty voices… ;)) Oh, and I like making books… They even please my inner perfectionist… Ha!, and Horay!

  4. Shelley, do you still have the link for the rainbow flip-book? I somehow missed it but would like to see it!

  5. What a brilliant idea! Really creative idea!

  6. Jon, thank you! I do my best! ;)

  7. what a great idea ! When I first just saw the video without knowing what the images are about, I thought of images from stars and related stuff. Now where are my brain CRTs… a journey into the mind… my deepest admiration and respect. Heartfelt.

    I really like the way you work and how you approach ideas. Very inspiring.

  8. I forgot to mention: [](

  9. Hi Michael!
    Thank you for your lovely words! I really appreciate having you as a true fan! And it’s good to have you here as well!

    Thanks for the link!