Myctophiformes Draco

My usual frequency of blog posts slowed down a bit due to the fact that a day consists of only 24 hours, believe it or not! In fact, I spent every spare minute of the last two weeks in my studio to work on a maritime puppet I want to contribute to a friend’s stop-motion project.

Lanternfish Sketch.

Myctophiformes Draco.

Now the Myctophiformes Draco is finished and it’s going to travel its way to Los Angeles soon. Myctophiformes Draco is a Chinese Lanternfish (or myctophid, from the Greek mykter, “nose” and ophis, “serpent”), a small, deep sea fish of the large family Myctophidae.

It generally lives in the Pacific Ocean near the chinese coast, at least from March to November. The remaining months of the year it’s living next to the coast of California because it’s much warmer there now. Aaaand because it wants to become a film star:

Animating Myctophiformes Draco.

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This puppet can

  • move its flippers and tail
  • blink its eyes by the help of reddish plasticine
  • open and close its mouth and
  • move its tassel.

The fish is made of foam latex, has an aluminium wire armature and a skull made of Fimo. The tail’s bones are made of Milliput and for the eyes I used glass beads. That’s the very short version. I’m still working on the long one… So stay tuned. ;)

22. November 2009 by Jessica
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  1. So cute… (s)he’s a real cutie… and the wave animation is really nice ! Congrats ! And as always, my admiration… M.

  2. Jessica!!! Hooooooray!

    I *want* to feel badly that you took so much of your time, effort, and talents to make this puppet for Halfland===BUT I LOVE IT TOO MUCH so I can’t feel badly!

    THANK YOU! (S)he is so clever and well done. I should really use the clip here as her part in the scene because I couldn’t do anything as wonderful as that!

  3. Michael, thanks a lot for your compliments, I’m always fishing for them… ;)

    Shelley, I’m glad you love it! It was my greatest fear you wouldn’t like it… And there’s no need to feel badly because I made the puppet because I just *wanted to*.

    I’m going to send the parcel today so I hope it’ll arrive soon. And if you really want I could send you the clip. But I’m pretty sure Halfland will do great with your talents!

  4. I **love** your fish, Jess! No wonder you have been so busy! It’s beautiful – and so is the movement! Now I want you to make all the puppets for my next film – if I ever get around to making it!

  5. Hi Simon, thank you, thank you!

    If I could contribute *anything* to your project I’d love to do so! It’s a good reason not to work at my own! :D

  6. Great puppet and Great video!


  7. Are you kidding? I adore this puppet! It’s so wonderful. Your design of the water is clever as well! Thank you again.

    I may ask for that clip as the sea scene shoot begins. I think I’ll be shooting each puppet alone and composing them all in the editing software. It’ll be insane!

  8. Hi Justin, thank you! It’s double a compliment if somebody as talented as you is saying it!

    Shelley, thank *you* again! ;) It’s no problem to get you the clip. The water is inspired be chinese drawings, since this is a China based fish.

    I’m really looking forward to see the final scene edited all together with all the beautiful puppets in it!

  9. Wonderful!!! I lOVE the design and also the orange color. So beautiful.