Nearly There

The close to finished graveyard set.
For more details of the close to finished graveyard set click into the image.

I am utterly speechless, sorry!

If you have any question about the set, feel free to ask. I need some sleep, I feel stunned and exhausted but happy…


After sleeping very sound for several hours, I thought it would be nice to share some more information with you about the graveyard set. At the weekend I bought 3 sqm of 19 mm chipboard and and some stands from a DYS store. Since I now have a table, I started to assemble the finished props to it though they aren’t fixed finally yet.

I cut the mountains from strong paper and glued them down in front of the greenscreen which is attached to the wall. I also cut and placed the little wall in the background from paper to achieve a smooth transition from the middleground to the mountains in the background. The paper wall is colored with pencil and watercolors. The other little wall in front of the entry to the underworld is made of foam board covered with paper and the fence is made of wire covered with acrylics plugged into the foam.

The set is now approximately 1.5 m in depth. The problem is that my studio isn’t that big and I have to find a way to deal with that without renting a new room. Next I have to add some more tiny details like a road and some grass and the stairs down to the underworld. Oh, and not to forget an Orpheus puppet…

Today I discovered that I have to solve some technical issues before I could start filming… After yesterday’s ecstasy I thought I could start animating soon, but today I guess there are still few things to do… So, with this little work-hangover I go back to the studio…

14. June 2010 by Jessica
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  1. Whoohooo!

  2. Nice!
    Things I really think are awesome: The wall in the front, the trees in the back, and the grave stones.
    However, the scene is – I believe because of the plane ground – looking too small, too … uhm … unscary! No mounds to expect escaping zombies, no brittle tomb slabs, no hills to give depth to the landscape.
    There is a lot of potential to widen the scene – which is necessary for interesting camera views.

    (This totally reminds me of the episode “Once Upon a Time” of the “Bill Cosby Show”.)

  3. Nils, what reminds you of Bill Cosby here? :D I’m curious!

    I don’t want the scene scary (no fog, no zombies or else…), but I want to achieve a narrow and opressed feeling (in the sad sense of meaning). This is just a graveyard where the deads are buried. Sorry for that! ;)

  4. m_) this’s great!

  5. UNDERWOoooooorld! Fantastic, Jessica! Congratulations!

    I’m positive you’ll figure a creative solution to the small-set shooting situation. It’ll result in a better look than you could even imagine now :)


  6. yay this is **way cool**!

    I especially like the shape of the big tomb and its unscripted design. I mean, they had those stones and even if they are all not the same size, they managed to build something making a clear shape.
    I like this.

    Second are those gravestones with their writings. They even look somewhat inset and i believe they are very old.

    One thing that i think doesn’t fit perfectly is the straight floor. watching all those wellshaped things i wouldn’t expect a flat floor. But maybe this is only a question of the camset.

    Another is the jointing between the stones. i like the different shape and kind of each stones. That gives me the feeling of an old graveyard that outlasted many years, times and styles. But i think “in reality” (fsck) the jointing would be more weather-beaten. I mean the wall in the back and the one in front. Just as those of the big tomb, thats it. They give the whole more depth.

    My big tomb. Yeah yay! :-)

    The Bill Cosby Show.

    playful set. fantastic.

    * Rudy for President! .oOo.

    I must admit, at first i thought somewhat of Monkey Island II watching that tomb. Those Bones: [](

    I’m not sure what that set tells me exactly. It’s not scary… hey, the built those graves, i think they are nice. But on the other side its not really happy… because.. its this one color and its steep. It marks an end. No party here.

  7. Your word, Shelley! I hope this will be beautiful and convincing at the end… Hm, things are changing all the time. It’s much closer to a final film that to the first idea now… Transformation.

    Jan-Christoph, thanks for the links! I know see your point, Nils. Odd thing is, that I just didn’t think of looking for tv series at youtube… I sometimes feel like a dinosaur… ;)

    But Bill Cosby encourages me to follow my very first idea. I want the set to be clearly recognized as a stage what is why I only had the plain floor so far. Initially I had the idea to draw things like a street to the ground, and this clip above absolutely support my idea…
    It’s difficult to keep the balance between “this is truely a stage” and “I believe that world is real”.

  8. m_) GOOD JOB GERMANY beating England!!!!!!!!!
    see you with Messi,Mascherano, Demichelis, Palermo, and the rest of our team in couple hours.

  9. Dan, hi!
    We were in England during The Game… Lukas and I thought about pretending that we are Dutch in the case that any angry English folks are trying to kill any Gemans… ;)

  10. What do you mean, you were in England. Oh sorry, I got it, you were actually there at their country. For a second I was thinking you were cheering for them or something.

    m_) But the funny thing about the WC is that you guys have double chance, have you thought about that?

    m_) Now the Netherlands is still alive. (well, alive, as in the game still) I know its an entire new country, and God-nether forgives but….to me dutch guys are dutch guys, no matter what flag you are wearing. So now I am cheering for the Nether-orange dudes.