The Necktie

The Necktie is a 12 minute animated short directed by Jean-Francois Levesque. It’s produced by the National Film Board of Canada (who also produced one of my all-time favourites, Madame Tutli-Putli) and I’m glad that my friend Jan-Christoph suggested it to me today…

It will be online for one week only, so make sure you’d have seen it at up to next Friday’s night. It’s a lovely piece of animation and earned its awards well. – Jean-Francois Levesque combines different animation techniques here which is something I enjoy so much. It’s also a great example of how important a good sound design is, especially in animation where everything is quiet in the very beginning.

Most of it is traditional puppet animation inspired by the work of Nick Park and Tim Burton, he describes his influences. The main character was animated in stopmotion technique, his colleagues came to life by drawn animation and finally software was employed to do the compositing.

The film is about a man who lives his dull life which mainly consits of work at a weird company called Life Inc. One day he accidentally finds out where the career ladder or, more precisely, the career elevator really is leading to. It’s a small parable about the importance of art in our life.

That interview below I found on the NFB website where he describes the whole process. So for all of you who might be late to watch the video in time I embed it here:

Oh, and make sure you’d check out all the details at the NFB’s Necktie website, they have some stills and production photos there. Suprise: I myself like the paper look and feel puppets most…

03. October 2009 by Jessica
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  1. It’s not in English but I gather the video isn’t viewable to me for some reason.

    Saw the making of though. Genius. Sigh. He has all the talent in the world. Thanks for posting about it. Looks amazing. I too especially love the mix of paper into his 3D world. (I’m doing that too with background.)

    Bravo to him. Looks like he made this alone too.


  2. Hi Shelley,

    the reason you may not be able to watch it could be same as the one why I’m not able to watch BBC videos here. Arte is one of the public paid broadcasting stations and that’s why only viewable over the internet in Germany, France and realted countries, I guess. That’s a pity.

    But I’m glad you’d enjoyed the making of. The film itself is a kind of pantomime so it doesn’t matter hao they translated the title.

    Oh, and *I know* people doing huge projects almost on their own, too! ;)