A new blog is born

Yesterday we finished the layout and today I’m writing my first blog entry. You all know that my English isn’t the best but I’m going to write the complete blog in English because of my international friends.

First, I want to introduce my blog: it’s a blog about animation. Who guessed? And it’s also a blog about all the things related to animation I suppose (like my cat in the props above…). There will be some categories then. It’s also a blog about my actual production. As most of you already know, I’m currently working on my Orpheus film which is still in preproduction. I’ll try to write about that regulary.

Last Thursday I had worked on my puppet for 12 hours: twisting wire and building the armature. Casting the body, the hands and feet. Sticking it all together. Sewing some clothes. Popping the head on and tadaa: Say hello to Orpheus! He’s not dressed the right way now and I made a … let’s say: …tiny construction mistake… His feet aren’t stable enough to let the puppet stand without wobbling. Aargh…. But hey, he looks fine, doesn’t he?

This is another thing this blog should be about: Help. I had a lot of help from people and the internet. I want to share this experience. I want you who’s interested in animation to learn from my mistakes. And I’ve been making lots of mistakes…

21. January 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of grass-roots information publishing :)

    Love, Lukas

  2. Hello, Orpheus… *waving*
    Jessica, happy to hear from you again, still trying to complete that letter I started for so many times by now. Anyway, I like that silhouette on top, remembers me of a lot of happy days in Münster. (Is the “Le petit prince”-allusion in it intentional?)
    Hoping you will never exchange the cat for a sheep-in-a-box or a rose,

  3. Das Layout gefällt mir.
    Aber Englisch ist die Sprache der Engländer!

  4. Deutsches Weblog, deutsche URL, aber englischer Text? Wirkt merkwürdig.

  5. Man kans auch niemanden recht machen
    find ich supper (auch und vorallem den film den du gemacht hast)

    LG JOjo

  6. So… ich werde mich mal nicht an die allgemeine Blogsprache hier halten da ich dann zuviel drüber nachdenken muss was ich schreib, und das dauert mir dann zu lang für die zwei, drei Sätze.

    Ich wollt eigentlich nur loswerden das mich das Layout des Blogs sowie die Thematik ansprechen. Nette kleine Videos über Deine Kunst die mich staunen lassen.

    Weiter so, liebe Grüße