First Take from inside the House.

This is a short report on how the animation is going:

Last week I finished the final Underworld scenes for my animated short Ins Dunkel which is set for release in early June.

Last Monday I started with the 3d puppet animation, and getting used to the “new” puppets. Up to now, I animated silhouette puppets only. The silhouette puppets are a lot more limited and that’s why easier to animate I think. But, hey: I suppose it was me who had the idea of mixing all those techniques…

4 seconds

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The first few seconds of the 3d puppet animation.

This is completely different. And fun. And difficult. And fun!

(Even though I miss the perfect armatures below the skin of my Bristolian puppet.)

See you soon, keep animating!
– Jessica ♥

18. April 2012 by Jessica
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Comments (5)

  1. Looks good

  2. nice one here too, again. Congratulations! And good to see you walking so straightly towards the finishing line for this short film. And exhibitions. And wonderful pieces of art. Very good to see, indeed!

    So all the best. Again. A fan.

  3. Nice decent lighting!

  4. LOOKS SO GORGEOUS< Jessica!! I can't get over how beautiful it looks. I love the hand crafted beauty of it all. These scenes will contrast so interestingly wit the underworld silhouettes! Brava!!! gogogogogogo!

  5. It’s so great to have you encouraging folks around! I so often struggle, and your compliments help me through these times!

    Michael, even though it looks straight, I’m fighting, all day long. Should probably post about that, too.

    Shelley, I’m so excited how the scenes will finally come together… But you’re right, it already looks promising…