Is it November already?


We still refurbish the front of our house, and the refurbishment brings a lot of problems and dirt and noise, and takes so much longer than we’ve planned. I haven’t work on the animation for my animated short Ins Dunkel for a while, and I miss it.

Ins Dunkel: Teaser

My musician worked on the soundtrack though, and I made this tiny, tiny teaser for you:

The teaser is supposed to give you an impression of the pace, the music and the atmosphere of the final piece.

Beside all the annoying stuff, a lot of good things happen over the last weeks, too:

  • I already have two exhibition opportunities for 2012, both in galleries.
  • A series of new drawings is evolving.
  • I already have a new idea and script for another animated short.
  • I was teaching a lot of art and animation classes, and some of my students had amazing epiphanies, and so had I.

Mourir Auprès de Toi

Explicit content!

Since it’s only a week since last Halloween, I’d like to share this video with you I found today via TRIKK17:

Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi on

Spike Jonze is the guy behind Where the wild things are and Being John Malcovich (et al.). Mmmmh, cut out animation!

Have an animating week!

07. November 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (3)

  1. tease… gnarl: no images scratches the border(s), sparks flying and what-not. But then – there are already images (even some moving ones here and there on the blog), and the wonderful animation with the letters. So, basically: yes, this blog is an enormous teaser !

    All the best for the works on the house. I know work like this with the interesting impact that the memory of what it was before empathizes the way things look afterwards. The road to that might seem (!) endless, and it usually takes some time to realize when it’s really done. But – to quote Tom Waits: “some things grow out of the earth just like a potato”. Which means slowly. But then… all the best. Good to hear from you. As always.

  2. Michael, I’m always glad to see another of your comments. – I thought about you yesterday when I had the idea to pay Vienna a visit again! Though I don’t have planned anything…

    Thanks for being here!

  3. Sei mein Gast!