One Day Animated Short

One Day Animated Short.
Still from One Day Animated Short, © Nils Diewald 2011

So far I only showed you the results of the things I did on my first Studio Monday, even though I wasn’t the only one having a productive day. My friend Nils came around and asked me if he could try an animated short because he wanted to test different animation techniques.

And here’s the result of his one day animation marathon (about 10 MB):

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The Making Of

Nils worked on the set building and the animation for about 10 or 11 hours in my studio, and another one (or two?) nights on the editing and the sound. Here’s what he says about his film:

“I had in mind to combine several stop motion techniques (classic motion, watercolors, dripping wax …) in a somehow dramatic plot. Because I only had one day off, everything had to be done quickly – so I thought, using scenes more than one time (by playing them in reverse) would save some time … and … well … that’s how the ‘story’ came up.

The main problem I had to face was, that the camera was only able to focus on objects at least 5ft away. And – I was running out of time at the end of the day.

Whatsoever – I’m pretty pleased with the result of the film. It was a lot of fun! Thank you, Jessica!”

The set-up was the same I use with my kids in my animation workshops: the camera is a cheaper DV camcorder which is connected via Firewire to an 2004 Mac iBook, the tripod is very simple as well, and the light comes from two desktop lamps (Tertial, Ikea).

He edited the animation with Windows Movie Maker which is a free and easy film editing software running on Microsoft Windows. The Mac equivalent would be iMovie.

– You see, it’s not the equipment or the tools that make a film good or bad.

Nils animated on a desk and on the floor, and used

  • white paper table cloth as background
  • an empty lemonade can
  • a dishcloth with a simple wire armature attached to it
  • Patafix (or White Tac)
  • wax, and
  • watercolors.

Both of us had a really productive Studio Monday. Even though Nils isn’t a professional animator (whatever that means), he’s a creative brain that comes up with amazing ideas. On the other hand it’s all about supporting companionship and creative atmosphere. – Everything is possible on a Studio Monday I suppose.

What about you? Tomorrow is Studio Monday again!

13. March 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (4)

  1. It’s amazing how much work you can get done in one day!

  2. Hi Jessica – thanks for the nice blog post! Yeah – editing was one evening (~3h) and sound was another (again ~3h). Next time editing would be a lot faster I think, now that I know the software a little bit.
    I hope, you’ll have again a productive Studio Monday! I really enjoyed it last week and I’ve hopes for a soon reprise.

    (Yepp – Studio Monday is the of studio days! :))

  3. Jon, yes, it really *is* amazing… And today we’ll do it again!

    My idea was to see if it’s true that I don’t have time to work on my projects, or if I avoid it in any way… Now I have the time *and* do it. This is so awesome!

    Nils, [](htp:// This is true enough… What schould I say…?

  4. Really nicely done. I am (again) amazed of the amount of storytelling one can achieve through different camera angles. And then – the deep green and the yellow… and the rigid and the transformable shape… I really like this one.

    And Jessica: congratulations on first Studio Monday production !