One Day Animated Short 2

Hey there again,

A few weeks ago my dear friend Nils came over for another Studio Monday. He grabbed all my animation equipment and wanted to make another One Day Animated Short™ as he made one last year.

His setting looked somewhat like that:

Setup for One Day Animated Short 2.

Setup for One Day Animated Short 2.

Nils’ idea

He cut out all the shapes you see in the clip, put them into a frame and lit them from behind in a way, that the camera grabbed the images of the back-lit shapes on a white screen.

The Animated Short

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 One Day Animated Short 2 by Nils Diewald, 2012.

What he thinks

This animation was more experimental than the first one.

I had no story in mind and was a lot less focussed on the production than last year. The basis was just the technical idea of filming projected lights and shadows from a screen – and although the result is okay, the technique (that’s my summary) isn’t really useful.

Post-production was extremely time-consuming (each image had to be altered regarding brightness, contrast, and color in Photoshop), and preparing the cut-outs was pretty time-consuming as well … I would say: The best technique should be the one that helps you best to tell your story. This one was more a stumbling block than anything else. ;)

What I think

Most hand made animation techniques are time-consuming, that’s for sure.

Nils chose one for which this is especially true. Basically, he did a replacement animation and had to cut out every tiny move from a sheet of paper.

I love the style though. (And I love to work with replacements, too!)

The mean thing about trying to finish an animated short in one day is that you have to keep it simple. – For most people that’s the hardest part. Whenever you have the time and the resources, I’d say, go for the most fancy way.

Anyway, I like this little animation, and as always, it’s very inspiring to have someone like Nils around. Well done, Nils! I look forward to your third One Day Animated Short!
What do you think?

See you soon!
Jessica ♥

13. April 2012 by Jessica
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Comments (3)

  1. from all the abstract stuff I came across, this one here is among the more appealing one’s for me. The sound is a bit too harsh for me, personally – but works perfectly with the animation, Very nice.
    And the approach of cranking out the most of filming itself by working with moving lights… very nice. I like moving lights.
    Congratulations on the second short film finished!

    And Jessica: one day… one day… and it might be a Monday… one day ;)

  2. Michael,

    I’d love to hav you here for a Monday or two! Be my guest whenever you find your way here.

    The clip is somewhat *meta*, I like this very much, too. Everything that reflects (ha!) the medium itself is a huge pleasure to me… Glad you like it!

  3. @Michael: Thank you! I was trying to catch the moment, the realistic scene transforms into something surreal on both the music and the animation level. So, being harsh in the movie as well as in the sound was obviously intended. ;)

    @Jessica: Thank you for your kind words – it was again a great day in your studio – hopefully we can do this again soon! (After your premiere!)