Orpheus: Charakter (Re)Design

Today I finished the very next to last character (re)design. It’s Orpheus, the main character of my film (finally!):

Orpheus: Character Design 2010.
Orpheus: character design 2010

Orpheus: Silhouette Character Design.

Orpheus: silhouette character design

The re-design was necessary due to my decision for a paper look and feel. And after my successful bird animation, I feel confident enough to make a bigger character with these materials. Orpheus now looks a bit more adult or mature, very sad and somehow fragile…

If you’re reading my blog for years now, you’ll perhaps remember that I had a very clear idea of how Orpheus should look like before:

Orpheus: Character Design 2007.
Orpheus: character design 2007

Orpheus: Character Design 2008.
Orpheus: character design 2008

I like the new one much better, it just feels right now. I had never been 100% happy with the old concept, but now I am.

Did you notice the new progress bars on the right, below the navigation (I found them via Shelley Noble’s blog)? I’m nearly done with all the character design. – Unbelievable! Still, there are many things to do but it’s nice to see the progress so clearly

It’s always a little celebration if I’m going to change the figures… And it’s amazingly motivating to see how much I’ve already finished…

03. May 2010 by Jessica
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Comments (7)

  1. LOVE the new character design! LOVE the style you are creating with flat and dimensional realities! Superb!

    And I love the progress bars here! So cool to see where things stand to cheer you on! GO GO GO!

  2. m_) Worth celebrating.

    m_) The new design has a more Greek aspect, particularly the black and white silhouette which takes me back to those ancient drawings that are mostly printed in Greek jars.

    m_) It also reminds me of my endless modifications with my main character Puppetix, who has suffered change for about three years from now.

  3. Thank you, folks!

    Dan, sometimes it just needs a decision that it’s okay as it is… That’s what has helped me with the puppet’s design…

  4. ‘reduce to the maximum’ or so – sounds like an add for some lifestyle product thingee stuff – but here it just fits. Looking really great – the thin lines separating the different parts give the character the fragility and everything.

    Congratulations to the progress ! And wow: progress bars here too – lovely

  5. m_) It appears to me a progress bar is already fool – Woohoo!!!

  6. Michael, thank you! Commendation is always appreciated! ;) Oh, and by the way, the progress bars changed magically from Javascript to html which I prefer… A friend of mine wrote the code, and if any of you is interested in it, I’d like to share the code.

    And Dan, you’re right! I quietly changed the figures when I finished the last character’s design… There’s steady progress even if I just share the milestones with you…

  7. m_) If I ever worried about milestones, I doubt I’d dare to show my site in the conditions they look already in the first place.

    m_) It really tempts to say yes, to just wear your code on mine, to have it handy for some kind of purpose.

    m_) But I am afraid my progress bar would go back and forth all the time, so it may be safe (just for now) not to wear those clothes during such a drastic season.