Orpheus: Clouds & Background Animation Test

Today I did a very quick shot to test my hardware/software setup. You can see that I shot it in daylight which is why the light is flickering so much. – But since this was just a general tryout I think it’s okay for now.

Orpheus – Clouds & Background Animation Test from Jessica Koppe on Vimeo. The animation is a bit rough, sorry for that. The clouds could move a whole bit slower, but I guess you’ll get the idea.


The background and the clouds are cut out of paper, the structures and textures are all handmade. For this film I try to build as much from paper as possible, and so most of the cemetery setting is made of paper, too. I shot the cloud’s animation under my old-school animation stand with my Pentax *ist DL2 and Dragon Stopmotion software.


Since I’ve finished the sets, I had issues to move on with the puppets and with testing the technical stuff. Today I just want to do anything and so I started this quick animation setup. When I’ll start shooting the animation, everything will be arranged a bit more accurately (as I ‘ve learned in Bristol…)

15. May 2011 by Jessica
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