Orpheus: Finally Animating!

Is it really Wednesday already?

I got so used to update my blog on Mondays, that it just feels wrong to write a post tonight. On the one hand. On the other I finally have exciting news to share:

I started animating!

This is the scene I shot today for my Orpheus film project, within approximately five hours. I animated 410 frames, most of them (though not all) on twos:

If you can’t see the video player here, watch the video directly on vimeo.


I shot the animation with my Pentax ist *DL2, an Eye-Fi card and Dragon Stopmotion which works but isn’t an ideal setup. I had several technical issues over the last two days which are now all solved. I was highly motivated on Monday to start animating but then everything just doesn’t want to work for two days.

Now it does, and I am working, too.

Oh, and I used my gorgeous panning tool!


When I eventually started animating, I instantly remembered what I’ve had to do. Some Bristol nostalgia occurred because it was pretty much like back in the Three Month Animation Course: My brain, my hands and my body knew exactly what to do.

(Simon, where are you?)

I am not 100% satisfied with the animation, because I’m still not good with walks. But I can live with it. And there are parts that I like pretty much, e. g. when Orpheus is playing the Lyre or when the boat hits the dock.

To me it’s more important to animate at all. Today I saw that every tiny movement is another learning experience, and I am optimistic and hope that eventually everything fits together perfectly.

I am tired but happy.
Have a good night, you!

27. July 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (5)

  1. Are you kidding me?!!! This looks fantastic, Jessica! Congratulations for beginning to animate!

    The look is fabulous! Loving it.

    Great strategy to shoot it all before making any reshoots. I’ll wager you won’t need to reshoot anything in the end anyway.

  2. Shelley, thank you so much for your support!

    I’m glad you like the animation. – After the intense time at the studio I don’t have distance to the animation any more. My experience shows that it usually takes a few days to become normal again…

    By the way:
    I hate reshooting! Especially when it’s a complex animation. So I really hope you’re right!

  3. I like the way the dock bends, when Orpheus steps on it. Well done!

  4. Thank you, Nils!

  5. Hey Jessica – I am right here, willing you on! I can’t believe you have finally started – it has taken so long. You must have such a lot of patience!

    I miss Bristol too – I keep wanting to create art and animation, but end up working somewhere else instead. I finally tried some drawing again the other day, but have forgotten how! Well done to you for keeping your project alive…