Orpheus: Model ready for Mold Making!

The Orpheus model, finished.

The final Orpheus model made of plasticine, with all single parts assembled: hands and head are attached to the body part here.

Today’s Studio Monday guest had to call off, and so I had a whole day to sculpt the Orpheus model of plasticine. I finished the body and the head today, but had issues with the hands. I wasn’t quite sure how to make them, since they have to be easily replaced once they’re broken, and because they’re tiny!

I tried JONS’s GAP/FILL/DIP method for the hands, but neither do I achieve it as clean as he usually does ​​yet, nor exactly the way I wanted to. We’ll see how the hands (tiny hands indeed!) are going to look once they’ve been casted.

(I’m trying to forget about perfectionism right now which is not an easy task.)

The Orpheus model, Details 1.

The final Orpheus model: foot and head close up.

The Orpheus model, Details 2.

The final Orpheus model: hands.

Right now the first half of the mold for Orpheus’ head and hands is settling, and I’m going to cast the second half of the mold from plaster tomorrow. Once the mold is finished, I’m going to try to apply the latex paper mache technique developed by Shelley Noble.

Needless to say, that if this is going to work, I’ll share my method with you!

Fun Fact: Actually the Orpheus design finally became a more mature character, even though I intended him to appear a bit more boyish. When I wrote the first drafts of this short, I was 26. Today I’m almost 30 and a lot of things has changed since then. So does Orpheus, I guess.

23. May 2011 by Jessica
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  1. So exciting to see,Jessica! Go for it!

    I hope you’ll find that the latex mache will give your puppets a papery look and feel that will complement your paper-style sets nicely.

  2. Shelley, hi!

    Over the weekend I ordered fresh and transparent liquid latex of high quality, and I did a small latex marche test yesterday. It seems to work pretty well, and I’ll show pictures here as soon as I have some results!