Orpheus: The Pupppet, Finally

Orpheus Puppet.

What a week.

There were so many other things to do that it was rather difficult to find time slots for working on the Orpheus puppet for my current film project. And whenever I’ve found the time, something just screwed up. Whatever I tried, there has always been something very wrong with it.

To make a long and annoying story short, here are the outcome:

Orpheus, Close Up.

Orpheus, Alone.

I experimented a lot with the latex mâché, but I didn’t got the results I wanted. Eventually I decided to cast a foam model and cover this with latex mâché and dyed paper. (This was just after I nearly broke the mold again…)

The paper starts to peel of on the bending parts of the puppet (like the elbows, for example), so I gave him a thin liquid latex finish which is why he looks a bit glossy. I’m thinking about achieve a more matte look by using baby powder or so, but I’m not sure about this yet.

Actually I like the glossy look because it makes the character stand out in the papery world he’s inhibiting. I also like how he looks great on camera. Even though he has a rough surface, the overall impression is nice.

I didn’t photographed him in the sets so far, but I did a small Photoshop collage to get you an idea:

Orpheus, photoshopped.

Orpheus, 2010 Concept.

This is the 2010 concept drawing, or rather collage of how the final puppet was supposed to look like.

Puppet making went up to 98%, and I really hope that the next one will be finished a bit quicker than the last one.

Oh, and this was just my 150th blog post. Back then, in January 2008, I posted somewhat like an Orpheus trailer

13. June 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (9)

  1. He’s wonderful, Jessica!

  2. Shelley, dear, thank you! I’m working on the next puppet right now!

  3. Nice! I like the character design

  4. Hey Jeff!
    Thanks for your comment, it’s always nice to have some new visitors aound and visible!

    I stumbled about your website before, and big compliments to your output as well!

    All the best,

  5. Hey – looks totally … uhm … unintended. I mean the glossy look. Happy accident – this will, i believe, give the movie quite a different look. More contrast. Nice idea! Well done!

  6. Yeah!!! Orph looks really great!! As they sing in the theme song for the Love Boat… “Shiny and new”!!

  7. Hey Nils, Hey Mike, thank you guys!
    This *was* a happy accident! Shiny and new, hu? ;)

    My week is really full again, but I try to work on the last remaining puppet as quick as possible.

    Then I *could* start animating…

  8. I don’t know what it is but in every image I expect the character to move all by itself… a feeling that I seldom have when watching an image… oh the secret life of objects…

    Turned out great !

  9. @mich: I agree! I don’t know why, but I share your feeling. Maybe the not so balanced standing of Orpheus indicate a starting movement.