Due to a lot of other (paid) work over the last weeks I had less opportunity to spend much time in my studio. But whenever it was possible I did research on papercraft since I decided to go for a papery Look and Feel within my Orpheus project.

My most enlighting discovery was a book called, well, Papercraft which is an stunnning collection of amazing artists and designers who employ one of the most simple but yet beautiful materials. The book comes along with a DVD filled with paper toy templates, animated shorts with worlds made of paper and some interviews with featured artists. I didn’t regret that I bought it, the book is filled with so many pictures of hillarious works that I guess I might still have missed a few, althhough I crawl through its 256 fully coloured pages daily.

However, it absolutely appelealed my play instinct and I wanted to do more paperworks on my own. So I started to invent a paper toy myself. And because it’s christmas I’d like to give it to you as my this year’s downloadable Pdf gift here:

Papertoy Santa.
Click into the picture to download the Pdf (1,1 MB).

Feel free to download and print it, to cut it out and glue it all together, so you’ll have your own jessica-esque Santa papertoy. I publish it under the Creative Commons Licence – share it and enjoy playing around e.g. while you’re awaiting your and your family’s chrismas celebration. I’d be glad if you’d have some fun with it. So… have fun!


Merry christmas and a happy new year!

24. December 2009 by Jessica
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  1. Congratulations, Jessica! Models such as this take a lot of time to work out and make! How nice of you to share it for the holidays!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for your x-mas mail.

    Here is a nice link, in case you don’t know Simon’s cat:


    I recommend the film “Flyguy”. Very funny, if you know how a cat works…

    Yassu and have fun !

  3. Hey Shelley,
    it *took* some time to do it but it was great fun… – And I simply like sharing!

    Michael, hello!
    It’s good to have you here!
    I already knew Simon’s Cat and I had some great laughter before caused by the animations… Especially the situation shown in *Cat-Man-Do* absolutely reminds me on Mäxchen… Thanks for the link!

  4. Jessica, this is looking great. Thanks a lot for posting this Santa Paper Toy here. I have downloaded and will make with my daughter.

  5. Hey Yaz, hello!
    My friend Nils (who already built it) told me that it’s not really a beginner’s model, but if you’re going to build it together, there won’t be huge problems I guess. Have fun with it!