Progress, steadily

It’s been three weeks now since I’ve started working on the Orpheus project continously again. I got stuck during the puppet making process and did some research instead to find visual references for the backdrops and for some of the other puppets as well. I decided not to have only one huge reference wall but a smaller one for each setting of the film to find the specific look and feel for every single take, somehow like that one:

Referece Wall for Cemetery Setting.

My reference walls are collections of photos and drawings I took or made myself, pictures from the internet, and sometimes found materials like little pieces of lace, paper or else. First of all, I collect them intuitively and without editing. Eventually I sort them according to categories like colours, textures or function of their respective kind of stage prop, for example. This mood board gives a nice impression of how the look and feel of the cemetery setting is going to be alike.

I also wrote several to do lists to get an overview of all the things which need to be done before I could start animating. It seems like there is still much to do but I can see the progress more clearly now. Since everything is listed I’m not afraid of missing something important any more. Aaand: Ticking items off the lists is always so very satisfying…

Puppet-Making To Do List.

My puppet-making to do list is one out of only six checklists so far, though it feels like several dozens of them. Mhmmm, lists! Lists make progess visible… Progress is gooood!

So… Back to progress.
– Back to work!

18. January 2010 by Jessica
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  1. Jessica! I love this! The madness is spreading! HA!

    You said it so well, “…collect them intuitively and without editing” and the sort and post where you can refer to them! So helpful isn’t it?!!! Fantastic!

    If/when this works and we finish our films finally, we should totally write a book about this approach! PS: I intend to install my reference boards at the eventual Halfland exhibition, near the set and a screen running the series on a loop, so visitors can see the inspirational mechanism up close as well.

  2. Woohooo ! I love lists.Go progress go!

  3. Shelley, that sounds absolutely great to me!

    Remember, if you’re doing something crazy and fail, they’ll call you stupid or lunatic. But if you’d succeed, they’ll call you a ingenous and brave mastermind… ;)

    Rich, since I read your comment, it’s like I’d have my personal cheerlading team in my head, dancing and jumping and shouting, “go progress go!” *That’s* just great…

  4. Man….Drawing an X on a progress lists are so satisfying!!

    good luck…it looks as if you approaching the project very intelligently.

    it will be full of X’s before you know it..


  5. Did I ever mention how much such post motivate me to finally ‘get my stuff done’ ;)
    Great to see the progress; and really inspiring and motivating, to read this lines… all the best !

  6. Justin, X-es are great! Today I did another one, crawling my way through the lists…

    Michael, if my writing motivates you, that’s the best support I can offer for your project! Get. Stuff. Done! ;)