My Showreel

So you’re curios about what I do? Alright then!

I love to work in all kinds of handmade animation techniques.

I have training and experience in both, character and experimental animation. Since 2005 I work on personal and commissioned animations, and even though the two videos are a few years old, they give a good impression of what I do.

If this still not enough, you could head over to my Vimeo portfolio to watch my latest projects.

Showreel Character Animation

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In summer 2008 I spent 11 weeks at the Bristol School of Animation (probably some of the best weeks in my whole life so far). I learned so much there! They offered a fantastic Three Month Course on character animation that sadly doesn’t exist like that anymore. Besides a lot of play and experimenting, the course was focused on chracter driven storytelling and getting in touch with people from England’s animation industy.

Showreel Experimental Animation

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I created all works from the second video at the Studio for experimental animation at the University of applied art in Vienna in 2009. Once founded by the famous painter Maria Lassnig, I studied there with Hubert Sielecki.