Seeking Companionship

Drawing “Companions”, sketched with Harmony drawing tool

My dear friend Shelley had that great idea that I’m going to steel and modify: every Friday she invites creative people she met into her studio to join her working on her Halfland project. Which is awesomely inspiring! (I mean both, the project itself and having creative people of all kind around supporting what she does.)

For the last months I was so stuck into paid work that I hadn’t the energy to work on my Orpheus film project at all which first made me feel angry, and then very sad. I was thinking a lot about ways to move on with the film in a gentle and guilt-free manner.

My major problem is feeling guilty for not working on the film. I guess whenever a person uses the words procrastination, she feels guilty because she does something else than she was supposed to do. Take me as an example: Whatever I do, I feel guilty because I don’t work on the film (even if I work on something creative though). For whatever reason there is a voice in my head that asks reproachfully, “Shouldn’t you be working on your film? Perhaps you’re not an animation artist at all…” And I kept thinking that procrastinating is bad.

During the last months things has changed. I don’t think that procrastination is bad anymore. – I now don’t use the word at all. I’ll only tell what I actually do, and not what I didn’t.

The point is, I really want to finish the film (ideally this year), but I want to do it my way. And I want to find a way to make this possible. First I need time and energy to work in the studio, so I quit a few jobs and commitments, and that was an awesome first step. Second I need some kind of framework.

And so I picked one day of the week as my special Orpheus day. A whole day that is dedicated to film making and animation. From March 7, 2011 on I’ll have Studio Mondays.

Studio Monday

From then on I’ll open my art and animation studios every Monday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for you to join me on my creative adventures. That means you can come in and simply watch my progress, that you could help if you want, or that you you can bring in your own project (whatever it is) if you need some creative companionship, too.

It’s free, and I’ll even share my materials, resources and knowledge with you. (That also means that I don’t have any excuse to leave the studio at all, because you may come around.)

My studio’s address is Kaanstr. 7, 32457 Porta Westfalica. (Ask google Maps for help). In case you have a longer distance to travel, I recommend to call in first: +49 (0) 571 38 76 781. – I’m looking forward to see you!

03. February 2011 by Jessica
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  1. Hey – that’s a wonderful idea!

  2. …and it starts at “Rosenmontag” ! (tä tä…)

  3. Nils, thank you! Join us!
    And Michael, hello! I haven’t thought of that because I simply don’t celebrate the carnival season…

  4. Yay for Jessica! Fantastic idea! So glad you have taken these steps, great for you.

    I recall an older couple I knew in Ojai California, a marvelous couple with many worldly friends, would have tea at their hoe every Sunday at 3pm, hell or high water.

    No matter what, where ever one was in the world, one could always know that Allen and Helen were having tea at 3 on Sunday. And that you had better get there because one never knew what intriguing person was going to be passing through town to see them, have tea, and talk.

    It would always be a most interesting mix of interesting people ever. Their teas were not to be missed!

    I feel as though that’s what you are creating in your town today. Only even better because your Studio Mondays are about doing and making, being engaged in stimulating creativity for a wonderful reason!

    I say hooray! Extra tip: try to have plenty of special snacks on hand! It magically keeps them coming back! HA!

  5. …just had the crazy thought of a horde of carnival-esque dressed people in your studio. (Personally i don’t have to do anything with this “season”, i think it’s quite äh.. strange)

  6. Shelley, it sounds incredible! Personally I think we’re social animals, and it’s great to keep in touch with others… No, it’s not only great, it’s also sooo important for our development…

    Michael, no carnival here! I like costumes and everything but I. Don’t. Like. Carnival! Because people drink and shout and try to freak-out for whatever reason. Don’t like that very much (at least not at my home!)

  7. Support is on the way (partly): I also don’t celebrate Carnival, because drunk people in hordes AND costumes freak me out. Next to that, some carnival evenings became the worst evenings/nights in my life. But wearing a Gorilla Suit on January 31st and acting out the ‘why are you looking at me ?’ routine can be entertaining for everyone.

    Anyhow. I really like the idea of having “Studio Mondays” – and times to work on a certain project. And congratulations for quiting jobs that steal time/energy so you can focus more on what you really love to do.

    One can only be good in what one likes to do.

    All the best for Studio Mondays !

  8. Just realized the “Harmony Drawing Tool”… sweet Lord, where have you found this thing of beauty ?!