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When I went back to to download some free sound samples, I first was angry and disappointed by not finding their content free anymore. I hadn’t been there quite a while (okay, they changed the conditions in December 2008) and I was really surprised by that. After a few seconds of anger I decided to find the idea of paying someone for his or her work really attractive. It’s nice to earn money for your work, isn’t it? If I got it right, soundsnap pays the uploaders 4$ per piece of sound (read their forum for details). I mean, how much is enough for good work? They have a lot mid quality sounds there as well… Referring to their conditions, they have prices per month and download limitations to „control the amount of piracy and password sharing“ (read more).

This lead me to some thoughts of money and the internet. The idea of the internet is to share information, or more precisely data (whatever the content may be…). Everything is pretty virtual. But to create this virtual contents, we have to work (spending real time and energy)… I have to think about this some more time, I guess. I want to get paid for my work as well as others do, but I want to share my experiences and information, too. Perhaps we have to find another way of work? Actually, I watch a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the people there work because they love to work and not for a living because food and everything is provided… My blog isn’t supposed to be political but by writing it I have to think about these things. Some more.

It’s good to see other people think about this, too: See the Wikipedia article on the Swedish Pirate Party for more information. There are people thinking about the future of a society depending on information. And they made their way into the European Parliament which means a lot of other people think this is important.

Well done, pirates!

08. June 2009 by Jessica
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  1. I used to be hesitant to pay for sound effects, until I thought about how much I was paying for all the physical materials and tools I used in making my films. Why balk over $2 for a sound effect?

    The internet really has created a certain “everything should be free” mentality, especially among the younger generation (who haven’t yet learned the value of money or of work). But it also seems to be leveling the playing field in terms of keeping the big corporations honest (free versions of their overpriced product available on the net). Hard te see where it’s all heading though.