Some Breakfast Thoughts On Blogging In General

…And Particulary On The Internet As A Tool

This article is more about blogging and internet than about animation. It’s full of personal opinions. But perhaps my thoughts may be helpful to one or two people.

Next to all the fun stuff I do like animation and fine art, I also do graphic design to pay the bills. Most of these projects are websites. While I was breeding about some great ideas for a client I ran into a creative dead end and has to reset my head somehow. Well, there are some tricks to do this, doing something completely different, for example. I chose to have a look on already existing and outstanding websites and to find out why those are outstanding. But: how to find them? I googled for “random website” to see what google would show me because google sometimes has brilliant humour (well, its programmers has)… I got a random website which leads me to other sites randomly.

While watching these I learned that most designers use the same parameters as I do but slightly different. Websites normally consist of pretty much the same things like navigation, content, header, footer and so on. I as a webdesigner have some technical limitations, and the chief attraction however is to get out the most possible creative solutions (if the client has asked for it). So far so good. While watching all these nice and fancy websites, I got hooked by the idea of re-designing my blog. As you can see, I haven’t yet.

I also googled for “outstanding websites” and got some nice blogs on (web) design where I could find collections of outstanding websites. And authors who write about how to write a blog the good way, for example. I read this carefully because I’m a blogger myself and I thought this might be of interest for me.

I’m not a blogspot or a wordpress blogger which makes a difference to all the others who are already part of these networks. I have my personal web developer who programs the code I’ve asked for. I questioned myself about my blog’s needs and I wanted (and want) to write about animation. I don’t do this for any salary and there aren’t any commercials on my website. I’m still writing though I don’t have hundreds of comments each post. I write because I love to. Then I found suggestions like, “keep your sentences short” as a general hint. I know that the common internet user hasn’t a huge attention span but I guess if anybody wants to know something he or she has to do her homework (more precisely, research). I’m not willing to accept that some 140 letter messages and Wikipedia is the climax of our cultural developement. These are tools. Everybody could choose his or her own tools, but I’m offering a tool which needs a bit more of your time. Use it or not. Don’t fit your needs on the tools you have. Don’t use your fist to push a nail in the wall just because you don’t have a hammer. Find out your needs and what you want to do and which may be the best way to do it. Experience is not an instant product, it’s a spin-off of activity.

07. August 2009 by Jessica
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  1. Cool, Jessica, I didn’t know you designed too!

  2. Hey Jess – nice to see your thoughts on blogging in your blog. How very meta!

    I teach blogging as part of online journalism, and I can say that the only thing we can be sure of is that you never know what will work at any one time with any one audience.

    Shorter sentences are often good, for clarity of meaning. And shorter posts are often read by more people. But longer posts are often more valuable to the smaller audience who read them.

    The only thing I would say is that shorter paragraphs are helpful to online readers.

    And I really like the simplicity and flexibility of WordPress as a platform. (I prefer it to Blogger, though others are the other way around). You may not benefit from that, of course, as you have your own personal web developer (I’m so jealous!).

    One question: What od you use to design your sites? Dreamweaver?

  3. Hey Shel,
    at my fine art school I mainly taught myself in Graphic Design and Computer Arts because there weren’t many people who want to do applied art (and those who want I taught as a teacher’s assistant). Now this is a good opportunity to earn some money. For me, there’s no difference between art and design.

    Simon, hi again,
    a good friend of mine had a big laugh on my meta-ness… I guess sooner or later I’d have written about blogging because I’m constantly thinking of what I’m doing. Reflection is such a powerful tool… ;)

    You asked how I do my web design. Well, normally I use pencil and paper and if any idea gets more concrete, I use Illustrator and Photoshop to develop the single elements and a digital layout. This one I pass to Lukas and he then starts programming. That’s how we normally do our websites. [einfachanimation]( and my [portfolio]( are a kind of playground to test some ideas.