Something Completely Different

Since I need to buy some more lights (especially spots) first before I start animating my Orpheus film project, I spent this Studio Monday collaborating with a friend on another (yet secret) art project.

There will be animation involved, and we worked on the set and the puppets today. My friend Miriam is an architect and build the room. And I created the puppets from cardboard and metal cramps.

The puppets are approx. 12 cm tall, and slightly three-dimensional. The cardboard is about 2 mm thick, so they appear less flat. It’s all pretty simple, but the animation is supposed to give an impression of the final artwork that is planned as an interactive installation.

School Hallway.

Orpheus Update

Back in Bristol, I learned that it’s much better to plan an animation accurately before shooting. I first divided the storyboard into approx. 40 animatable bits, scenes or shooting sessions. Next, I’m going to ‘dope the sequences out’ and then start animating.

I also scribbled a storyboard for a trailer of my film project yesterday. Now I really need to animate. And to find a title for the film.

I hope you had a nice week as well?


– Jessica

04. July 2011 by Jessica
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