square : bird : square

Birdy, early sketch.

Recently I found the animationsequence.com on the internet and after browsing their website for a while, I wanted to contribute an animation myself. The idea: Start and end your animation with a 2D square of 250×250 pixels in the exact middle of the screen, choose whatever colours and style you like and then transform the square into something of your choice and back within up to 10 seconds. Deal!


If you’re reading this via rss feed, watch the video here: square : bird : square on vimeo.com.

When I outlined the idea/the storyboard for the animation, I wanted to create something funny that contains at least a tiny bit of character animation. – Cute animals would probably always do the job (or, as my granny suggested lately, “I heard you can make a lot of money with cat vids on the internet nowadays. Why don’t you make a video with your cats, too?”).

Anyway, I created vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, retouched them in Photoshop and then edited them in Final Cut. Part of the animation is keyframe animation, part is traditional frame/replacement animation based on vector images.

I recorded the sound effects using my own voice for the first time and enjoyed it pretty much: I just love the quirky things in life. Basically the animation sequence project was a good excuse to try a few things playfully that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Also, it’s still one day left until the deadline, and I’m already done? Just by playing instead of working? How nice is that?

I had a great time making this animation. Enjoy, and make sure you have a look at all the other entries as well!


Jess ♥

14. August 2012 by Jessica
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