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MRI Flip-Book

MRI Flipbook (2011), prototype, 52 images After several attempts I finally finished my MRI flip-book. I already announced it a few weeks ago but had issues with printing it. I tried different kinds of paper, and eventually found one that … Continue reading

17. January 2011 by Jessica
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E-Book: A Brief Guide to Make a Semi-Professional Stop-Motion Animation Puppet

I wanted to do this for a very, very long time: Last year I presented my Myctophyformes Draco to you, a Chinese Lanternfish puppet I made for Shelley Noble’s Halfland saga. And I promised a longer version of the making … Continue reading

05. December 2010 by Jessica
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Galopp? Gallop!*

I simply love animation. I love books, too, and I’m especially attracted by pop-up books. I’m absolutely addicted to books about animation. And then I found this incredible animated pop-up book called GALOPP! in a local book store a few … Continue reading

14. April 2010 by Jessica
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